The whole process closed loop can be traced back to ol é boutique supermarket to ensure that the cold chain food does not fall off the “chain”

With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, imported cold chain food, such as meat and aquatic products, has become the focus of people’s table safety. In order to make customers more assured to buy, all kinds of supermarkets in China are continuously strengthening the risk prevention and control and hidden danger investigation of cold chain commodities.

As a boutique supermarket of China Resources Wanjia, ol é has strictly controlled the safety of imported cold chain food from three aspects of “material prevention”, “human control” and “establishment of traceability system”, realized the closed-loop traceability of the whole process, continuously implemented the normalized epidemic prevention work, and built a solid food safety line.

All round “anti object” should be inspected from entry to exit

According to the person in charge of OL é, the imported cold chain foods accepted by ol é and BLT stores across the country are all in strict accordance with the requirements of the State Council’s “preventive comprehensive disinfection work plan for imported cold chain foods”, and can only be put into the warehouse with complete photos, i.e. customs inspection and quarantine certificate / declaration form, nucleic acid test negative report and disinfection certificate, so as to strictly do a good job in food safety management. At the time of acceptance, according to the regulatory requirements of local governments, the product traceability system will be input and the information will be uploaded.

全流程闭环可追溯 Olé精品超市力保冷链食品不掉“链”

After entering the back area of the store, all imported cold chain commodities are strictly classified, stored in special areas and supervised by special personnel, so as to better check the storage conditions and control the temperature. There are three accounts for personnel health monitoring, article detection and disinfection, and environmental monitoring and disinfection, which are verified and registered every day to ensure the safety of storage.

In addition to self-examination, the relevant government departments will also entrust third-party organizations to conduct nucleic acid testing on the imported meat and aquatic products, environment and personnel directly in contact with the imported cold chain of the stores from time to time, so as to assist in the risk investigation of the normalized epidemic situation.

The cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of public space are very important to maintain environmental sanitation. The person in charge of OL é said that the store staff would clean and disinfect the shopping cart, shopping basket, freezer in the back area, processing equipment and facilities, operation desk, ground and other areas of the store more frequently and thoroughly every day. “We will also carry out preventive and comprehensive disinfection of transportation vehicles and product packages on a regular basis. At the same time, extend the opening time of fresh air equipment in the store, clean the fresh air filter screen in time to ensure good ventilation in the store, “he continued.

Key points of multi dimensional “human control”

In order to effectively reduce the risk of virus transmission, personnel prevention and control is the focus of epidemic prevention. It is understood that OL é & amp; All employees of BLT stores need to strictly implement personal protective measures, wear masks, hats and gloves, and measure temperature several times a day. Personnel who are involved in inspection, storage, processing and sales of imported cold chain goods will be subject to regular nucleic acid testing according to the requirements of local governments. Vaccination of new crown vaccine is being arranged in succession, and the management of staff health monitoring will be continuously strengthened.

全流程闭环可追溯 Olé精品超市力保冷链食品不掉“链”

On the other hand, the reporter saw that there was a special person at the entrance of the supermarket to remind customers to take masks, take temperature measurement and scan health code. In addition, it will control the flow of people in the stores in real time, and set up 1-meter interval lines in the cashier and other areas to ensure the safety of customers’ shopping.

Disinfection gel and disposable gloves have been added to the imported cold chain goods area for protection when customers choose. And remind customers that before eating imported cold chain food, they need to confirm that they have fully cooked, do not eat raw and cold seafood; at the same time, pay attention to separate raw and cooked food processing utensils, thoroughly clean and disinfect after use, and do a good job of self prevention.

Establish the whole chain closed loop management of “traceability system”

When you come to the display area of imported cold chain goods, you can see the announcement or the QR code small label posted on the goods. As mentioned above, after the store enters the commodity information at the time of acceptance into the traceability system, the batch commodity traceability code will be formed. Customers can check the source, quarantine and disinfection information of the commodity by scanning the code before purchasing.

全流程闭环可追溯 Olé精品超市力保冷链食品不掉“链”

“I can see on my mobile phone how this steak passed the layer upon layer inspection and disinfection, and I feel more relieved.” Mr. Liu, who is buying imported beef, told reporters.

It is reported that the imported cold chain goods sold in ol é and BLT stores now involve 22 traceability systems, covering 21 provinces, 29 cities and 82 stores. In the future, we will continue to optimize and improve the food traceability system, expand the application coverage of “cold chain food traceability”, and strengthen the whole chain closed-loop management mechanism. We will continue to pay attention to the products of high-risk enterprises from key countries and regions, and do a good job in the safety and epidemic prevention and control of the source, production, market and consumption of cold chain food.



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