School season send “trench” gift! Casio electronic dictionary gold list Title gift box!

After ten years of hard study, he won the gold medal. With the start of the school season, the countdown to the college entrance examination has also entered this critical period. Casio electronic dictionary has launched a carefully crafted “golden list title” gift box, which will be officially on sale from March 5, 2021. The final battle in the college entrance examination, escorts for the dream, the Casio electronic dictionary accompanies you to swim the sea of learning.

The Casio electronic dictionary launched the golden list Title gift box consists of three parts. It is a professional language learning tool Casio e-xa99 electronic dictionary, a golden academic amulet full of beautiful meanings, and an exquisite test stationery set. Golden list Title gift box not only provides language learning help for the majority of students, but also gives them the best wishes for the beginning of school. At the same time, it will also become an ideal choice for parents to send their children to school.


Heaven rewards diligence is the norm of learning

One stroke high school is not overnight, heaven rewards hard work for learning normal. Casio electronic dictionary always hopes to provide every student with a relaxed way of learning and professional learning guidance. Casio e-xa99 electronic dictionary is specially designed for the entrance examination of senior high school. It contains 88 authoritative dictionaries and 500 English classics. By listening to the real people’s pronunciation in many dictionaries, such as “vocabulary of college entrance examination” and “translation classics [Chinese English (French)], we can improve our listening ability; by using the pronunciation practice and speech evaluation functions in dictionaries, we can improve our oral English pronunciation; by using dictionaries, such as” Sunshine English graded reading “, which meet the requirements of the new curriculum standard, we can strengthen our English reading; by reading Oxford With the help of the authoritative video in ispeaker dictionary, we can learn English and American pronunciation simultaneously and master the actual usage of relevant phrases. With the help of rich college entrance examination English learning materials included in the new college entrance examination, such as “Shanghai new college entrance examination oral English breakthrough”, “new college entrance examination English translation and summary writing”, we can calmly cope with the new college entrance examination questions such as oral examination and summary writing. It can not only meet the daily needs of students, but also make the review more comprehensive and accompany the language learning time every moment.

Golden title is learning goal

Ten years of hardship, once famous glory, golden Title day, toad palace win. A golden amulet for students’ study. Every moment, I devote myself to the sea of questions and break through the moment, just to witness the rising test scores and live up to high expectations. In addition, a set of test stationery can be called the “six treasures of the study” to help the exam results and endow students with self-confidence.


This time, Casio electronic dictionary hopes to help every student climb the peak and realize their dream on the way of learning in the new year. At the same time, every examinee can gain the same experience.



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