The most worthy recommendation is HP star 14

The price is moderate. It’s made in a large factory. It’s standard and can be used The reason why many consumers have these habitual “no expectations” for laptops is that many laptops are the products of “make do” design. At most, they are upgraded in configuration, or slightly modified on the old mold to make do with the market. As a result, many consumers will make do with choosing these “old-fashioned” products that seem to have no problems.

Based on this, today, we will pick out the notebook that can actively realize the self breakthrough of product concept – HP star 14 high-performance thin book, and directly provide you with the most difficult hand chopping guide. If you are interested, let’s take a closer look!

Pick high face value, more happiness!

Notebook has been the main force of “daily necessities”, accompanying you to work, work, stay up late So it’s good to be beautiful and never tired of seeing. It’s about the happiness of daily life. In the aspect of appearance value, the high-performance and lightweight version of star 14 is excellent. Its appearance adheres to the consistent design language of “Star” series, with clear lines and exquisite and concise surface. Both sides of AC are made of metal, and the leather is durable. In particular, the A-side is more refined, and the “HP” logo has a bright metal treatment, with a frosted texture around, giving consideration to both visual and tactile enjoyment.

In addition to the appearance to meet the needs of young people’s pursuit of “beauty is justice”, the AC surface also adopts 3D stamping to connect the edges seamlessly, which can not only create a sense of unity and exquisite appearance, but also prevent dust deposition. The three edges on both sides of AD are folded in design, which makes it more comfortable to hold and easy to open and close with one hand. This is another parallel design of aesthetic feeling and practicality. In addition, it is light enough to be extremely beautiful. The fuselage of the high-performance thin version of star 14 is as thin as 16.9mm and as light as 1.41kg, which is just like A4 paper! It’s OK to carry it in your bag. When you carry it to the workplace or coffee shop, you won’t feel it’s a burden. It’s light and easy to go with.

Configuration of high standards, help for the elite workers!

The screen is the window for us to look forward to the world. Therefore, the high performance and light-weight version of star 14 has a series of configurations for this 14 inch screen: adopting the narrow frame full screen scheme, shortening the left and right frames to 4.35mm, achieving 84% screen share, supporting IPS wide viewing angle, supporting 72% NTSC high gamut, equipped with 400 nits high brightness, resolution up to 1920×1080 Visible screen quality how excellent! When you are too lazy to go out, you can also have a cinema level viewing experience at home. When you need to carry out efficient work, a high-quality screen can also clearly show you the whole world and describe the future with you.

When immersed in high-intensity work, the most worrying thing is that the progress bar gets stuck in the middle Star 14 is a high-performance and light-weight machine. It is equipped with Intel 11th generation core processor with 10nm process, 8 threads and high-energy consumption ratio of tiger lake-u core. It is also equipped with 16gbddr43200mhz large memory and 512gbnvmessd mass storage. It is not too easy to complete multi task work! If we choose the new NVIDIA Ge force mx450gddr5 independent graphics card, we can successfully improve the performance of the machine by 2.5 times compared with the integrated graphics card, and better serve the applications of graphics processing, graphic design, 3D rendering, video editing, etc. Even in dealing with the heavy and difficult tasks, star 14’s high-performance and light cost can help the tedious work to be achieved quickly, making the work more happy and less anxious! Of course, based on its powerful performance, it’s not bad to play the mainstream game relax.

When you need to run multiple programs such as games, video editing and office, in addition to the protection of hard core performance, super cooling is also involved in the whole process to ensure high-energy operation without worries. The star 14 high performance and light-weight version adopts the enhanced three-phase heat dissipation motor, with thinner fan blades, which can reduce the noise by 16% and increase the wind speed by 27%. The “burning bear’s paw” never exists. At the same time, the fuselage also has a unique rhombic escalator shaft design – slightly tilted fuselage. This design can assist in real-time heat dissipation and make typing posture more comfortable, which is worthy of special praise!

Rich humanized design, give you a good mood every day!

When it comes to humanized design, star 14’s high performance and light weight can leave a lot of design ink. Let’s talk about the keyboard and touchpad first. The C-side keyboard supports two adjustable backlights, so that users can work smoothly in the dark light environment. At the same time, with 19mm standard key spacing, “accurate blind typing” is no problem. The C-side with the touch pad, high sensitivity, no delay is the “basic disk”, in area compared with the previous generation also increased by 38%, no mouse is comfortable to use.

“Slow boot” has to be resisted! Star 14 high performance thin book is also equipped with fingerprint login function – fingerprint authentication, fast boot, so that you can easily withstand the boss customer’s serial call, immediately enter the working state at any time, fast boot at the same time can also encrypt and protect the security of business data, it is very comfortable to use. The well-known B & amp; o speakers are not absent either. Combined with HP sound enhancement technology, it can bring users a more extreme surround sound experience. Combined with that good screen, there will be a movie feast.

In terms of battery life, star 14 is high-performance and light-weight. It uses innovative technology to monitor the battery temperature, battery life and battery charging state in real time, so as to keep the battery healthy and prolong its service life.

In the test scenario of mobile mark 2018 (mm18), which is closer to the user’s actual use experience (compared with mm14), it has a maximum standard battery life of 8.25 hours, which can meet the basic use needs of the whole day. It basically does not need to plug in the battery for normal office, lunch break watching online video and work to work.

In terms of fast charging, it achieves fast charging for 30 minutes and 50% charging, basically avoiding the disadvantages of frequent charging and long charging. The user experience is really good, even if you are on a business trip.

In addition, although it is light-weight, but external equipment is also a must. The high-performance and lightweight version of star 14 integrates HDMI, two usb3.2gen1, one full-function usbtype-c3.2gen, SD card reader and other mainstream interfaces to achieve comprehensive interface coverage. At the same time, it is equipped with wireless w-ifi6 and Bluetooth 5.0 functions, which can easily meet the needs of multi scene use without fear of many devices “fighting”.

When it comes to intelligent experience, “huixiaowei” intelligent interaction is an additional surprise of the high-performance and lightweight version of star 14. It is HP’s layout design for PC voice interaction, which can make human-computer interaction real and useful! For example, when you issue the voice command of “small micro, play music”, you can automatically play your favorite song list through the bound QQ music. In addition, you can also adjust the volume, brightness, lock the screen, check the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index and so on. It’s like your little assistant in life.

In general, after experiencing the charm of star 14’s high-performance and lightweight version, we can really feel its “re upgrade” for young users to further meet the needs of current users, rather than playing the trick of “surface upgrade”. Only by taking into account the high appearance, high performance and excellent user experience, can we become the best 24-hour partner for our office work, study, creation and games. The star 14 high-performance frivolous interested friends can be assured to chop hands, shares never lose!

Author: Lin Lin


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