Win10 the biggest improvement in recent years! New features of win10 21h2

[pconline information] for a long time, win10’s “UI schizophrenia” has been a headache for many old users. They say it’s not progressive. Many new functions are online. They say it’s great, but there are all kinds of “unreliable” designs everywhere. Although win10 has been online for more than five years, it is difficult to call it excellent in terms of UI and functional coherence. Win10 21h2 (Solar Valley Project), which is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year, is called the most important interface upgrade in history by Microsoft. So what does the legendary “Sun Valley” look like? Xiaobian specially made a summary for you to see first!

1. Square corner? Fillet?

It’s true that the design world is a big circle. A few years ago, when everyone was tired of the fillet style, win8 was the first to change itself into a square corner. A few years later, when we were tired of win10’s square corner elements, it was thinking about changing it back to round corners. In a group of exposed Sun Valley designs, we see many different designs. Window, menu, context, and so on, have added rounded elements.

It is reported that the “fillet transformation” of win10 may be divided into several stages, the first stage is the system and various built-in components, and the later stage will be extended to third-party applications. Although it’s just a small aesthetic change, it can really enhance the delicacy of the whole windows!

2. Floating elements

“Floating” will be a very obvious change of win10 in the future. In the new version of win10, Microsoft seems to want to create a more cool menu for us. In a leaked engineering simulation diagram, we see a menu “slightly different” from the current version. It has all the elements of the current start menu, but it is no longer bound to the taskbar. At the same time, the border has been changed to a softer rounded corner. Are all of these familiar? you ‘re right! Win10x RTM, which was released before, adopted a similar design.

Of course, the start menu is just the beginning, window thumbnails, jumplist, notification information In Microsoft’s eyes, everything can be suspended, and it’s great to think about it!

3. Operation center

The utilization rate of win10 operation center is not high all the time. On the one hand, it is related to the button setting which is not open. On the other hand, it is also used by the public. Next, Microsoft will adopt a separate operation center similar to win10x. The biggest change is the separation of operation and notification. In addition to the operation button can complete more functions, some shortcut panels also appear, including music controller and volume control panel.

4. Setting panel

“Settings” will continue to accomplish the “great task” of compatible control panel, but in addition, we may see a different “Settings”. The following is a screenshot of the settings panel that has appeared in the win10 development version. In addition to the button below, the top side is a very eye-catching bar, which contains the account information and the current windows update status. At present, the development version does not allow users to customize this area, but it is likely to open this permission later.

5. Unified UI design

Split UI design make complaints about users. In the next version of win10, Microsoft has made up its mind to solve this problem. In addition to the long-standing problem of resource manager, many previously neglected components will also be upgraded, such as the familiar input method and other built-in components.

6. Taskbar information flow

Although there has been a constant debate about the start menu, it is undeniable that the tile design solves the problem of users’ daily information reading to a large extent. In the latest version of win10 development edition, a new function appears on the right side of the taskbar, which is a resource panel similar to a tile, providing news, weather, stock market, schedule and other information. Just hover the mouse over the weather icon on the taskbar to see the details. However, as you can imagine, the emergence of information flow is obviously aimed at the current version of the tile. It is associated with the rumor that Microsoft will cancel the start menu tile, which has been widely rumored before. Is this a proof!

7. Power supply and battery

The power management module of win10 is always unsatisfactory, especially when compared with Mac. In the new leak chart, Microsoft appears to be deliberately merging batteries with power supplies and renaming them “power & amp; battery.”. In addition to the name change, a more powerful and rich power management interface will also appear in front of us.

8. Daily cloud wallpaper

Bing wallpaper is a wallpaper switching tool produced by Microsoft, which can automatically set Bing’s daily pictures as native wallpaper. In a leaked diagram, Microsoft seems to be considering a more thorough option, that is, to directly build the function into the wallpaper settings of win10. So a lot of friends expect to automatically change wallpaper function every day, so happily realized. The question is, if you can add a mask or auto blur to the wallpaper, will it be more practical!

9. Animation lock screen

In addition to desktop computers, another battlefield of win10 is portable devices. The lock screen interface of the current version of win 10 has been used for a long time, and no new functions have been added. As win10 itself supports parallax 3D better and better, those flat-panel or two in one devices with accelerometers may be able to see a more cool lock screen, for example, when you rotate the device.

10. Camera settings

The current version of win10 does not support camera adjustment, which is inconvenient in many scenes. It is reported that Microsoft is planning to add a global camera setting for win10. In addition to the preview function, it can also adjust the camera direction, brightness, contrast and other parameters. However, at present, the introduction of this function is not much, and interested partners can pay more attention to it later.

11. New split screen

In the face of more and more high score screen and hairtail screen, win10’s 4-screen function is becoming more and more weak. It is reported that Microsoft is preparing to upgrade the “split screen” function in the next version. In addition to continuing to divide the screen according to the proportion of the window, when you drag the window to the corner of the screen, the system will automatically adjust the size of the window and arrange it to facilitate users to operate multiple applications. In addition, Microsoft’s Royal plug-in, PowerToys, has a similar function, allowing users to customize the split screen logic.

12. Windows SETS

Windows sets is a window layout developed by Microsoft based on tags, which is the built-in multi tag function of windows. Windows sets is not a new feature. It was briefly tested by windows insiders in 2018. However, due to various reasons, this function did not meet with us. It is reported that the function is still under consideration by Microsoft and is ready to be launched at an appropriate time. However, we can only wait until a certain time to know how to realize it and what it will look like.

13. Mail and calendar

At present, win10 built-in is a simple version of “mail and calendar”, but according to statistics, the actual use frequency of this function is not high, so Microsoft is considering to replace the original “mail and calendar” through win10 built-in outlook. It is reported that after the implementation of this idea, win10 will have multi terminal processing capabilities similar to the current Mac, including e-mail, to do, contacts and schedule. Of course, considering the relationship with the standard version of outlook, it is estimated that the probability will be the same as that of OneNote, that is, a free version is built into the system, and users can choose whether to upgrade to the paid version according to their own needs.

14. Windows voice input

“Windows voice input” will replace the existing “windows dictation”. With the support of this function, users can complete the input by voice in any text box of win10. The biggest beneficiary of this function is the users of various portable devices, with which the input efficiency can be greatly improved.

15. SSD life warning

Due to the inherent structure of SSD, it is very difficult to recover after damage. In order to solve this problem, Microsoft plans to add a storage health monitoring function specifically for SSD in the new version of windows. This function will pop up an early warning to the user before the SSD has a major security risk, and inform the user to back up important data in time.

16. New function reminder

At present, the channels for users to obtain the new functions of windows mainly focus on the major information websites, and sometimes even after the update, they don’t know what the new system has been updated. In the next version, Microsoft is planning to show users the changes of the new version through a pop-up window. Every time the system is updated, a pop-up window will appear, which will briefly introduce the important changes of the version for users to read.

17. Integrated search box

People who have used MAC must be deeply impressed by the spotlight, which is Apple’s all-in-one search bar. In addition to the basic file search, it also adds the weather forecast, calculator, unit conversion, exchange rate conversion, nearby restaurants and other life search functions. It is reported that Microsoft intends to build some functions of its royal plug-in PowerToys into the system, including the search panel that looks like spotlight. Like spotlight, PowerToys search bar can also be called out by hotkey (ALT + space), and the interface is more intuitive than the current version of windows search. At present, PowerToys is also positioned at the file search level. If it can interact with Cortana in the later stage, it can achieve a comprehensive search effect similar to spotlight.

18. New window animation

Mac’s transition animation has always fascinated many users. In the upcoming win10 21h2, we may be able to see a new set of transition animation. At present, the animation has appeared in win10 development edition, which is not only suitable for system window, but also suitable for dialogue panel in third-party application.

19. Edge opens desktop gadgets

Desktop gadgets used to be a set of small functions developed by Microsoft for Vista / win7, but with the launch of win8 tile, desktop gadgets began to fade out of the historical stage. It is reported that Microsoft has decided to restart desktop gadgets. However, unlike in the past, the new version of edge built by Microsoft based on the chromium kernel is the successor of desktop gadgets. Meanwhile, the direction of gadgets is more clear in news, weather, stock and other information. Different from the previous fixed to the taskbar, small tools can continue to work after closing the browser, which greatly improves the practicability of the function.

Write at the end

There is no doubt that the appearance of “Sun Valley” will bring us more changes in UI and user experience. As the biggest interface adjustment of win10 in five years, Microsoft is really sincere this time. Of course, as the new version has not yet been released, it is not sure whether all these changes will be registered in 21h2. But this time the drastic change, whether can let this classic operating system coruscate the second spring!

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