Single 8pin is weaker than others? Take ASUS tuf rtx3060 test

It has been more than ten days since the release of NVIDIA Ge force rtx3060, and the video card market has been busy for a long time because of the arrival of this dessert video card. Those who grab the video card are all laughing, and those who can’t can only continue to grab it silently. I believe everyone has seen a lot of different rtx3060 evaluation, so I’ll give you a different one.

Just like the title, there are many non-public rtx3060 graphics cards with single 8pin auxiliary power supply in the market. Is this really inferior to the non-public “strong board” of 8 + 6pin or 8 + 8pin? Next, I want to test the power supply demand of rtx3060 graphics card. At the same time, I suggest you how much power consumption you need to buy when you buy rtx3060.

First of all, we introduce our test instrument, PCAT (power capture analysis tool) power record analysis tool provided by NVIDIA. ASUS tufrtx3060o12ggaming is used in the graphics card.

PCAT power consumption record analysis tool is composed of PCI expansion slot, external power supply expansion board and PCAT supporting software. It can be used to measure the power consumption of PCI slot and external power supply port (three-way 8pin + 12V power supply). For a detailed introduction of the tool, you can find our Pacific lab’s evaluation explanation of this tool.

Through the supporting software, the information of PCAT suite can be recorded in real time. The data we need to pay attention to is mainly the power consumption of 12vpcie and 12v8pin. Let’s take a look at the standby data. The standby power consumption of the graphics card is 15W, 12v8p1 is 12.200v10.736w, 12vpcie is 12.176v4.286w. At this time, we know that the PCAT tool can be used normally.

In the test phase, we observe the data on PCAT through the heavy load of Furmark for about 19 minutes. When ASUS tufrtx3060o12ggaming is full load, 12v8p1 is 12.040v126.179w, 12vpcie is 43.341w, and the power consumption of the whole video card is 169.534w, which is consistent with the 170W power consumption limit in BIOS.

At the same time, you can also see that if there is no professional testing tool (such as PCAT suite), the new version of gpu-z can also see all kinds of data of power supply, and the data is basically not different from PCAT, so you can find the corresponding gpu-z information diagram of graphics card when selecting power supply, and you can predict how much power the power supply should select.

Then we take another two dual 8pin auxiliary power supply graphics cards for comparative test to see if the real 8pin is really bad. From the data of gpu-z, it can be seen that the total power consumption of BPD graphics card is limited to 170W, regardless of single 8pin or dual 8pin auxiliary power supply. The biggest difference lies in the different power consumption of 8pin and the power consumption of PCI.

The power consumption of single 8pin video card is higher, but it is still within the specification of PCI, and there is no case of stealing power; while the power supply of double 8pin video card is lower, and the two groups of 8pin shunt the power supply, but for the video card with TDP only 170W, the shunt power consumption is limited.

Some people will also say that a single channel 8pin needs 128.6w, and its power consumption is not big? In fact, it’s really not big, 128.6w power consumption, 11.8V voltage, then the current is only 10.90a; for 18awg power supply wire according to ul1007 specification (common power supply wire), there is no problem (ul1007 electronic wire 18awg specification, single cell maximum battery 6.7A, three 20.1a).

How do we choose the power supply? As I said just now, the TDP of most rtx3060 graphics cards is only about 170W, and that of some higher specifications is only about 230W. In this way, with a tdp95w processor, it is enough to buy a high-quality power supply with 80plus gold medal and 550W rated power consumption. If you want to upgrade your graphics card later, it is recommended to use 750W rated power supply.

Conclusion: comparing ASUS tufrtx3060o12ggaming with other rtx3060, single 8pin graphics card is not weaker than double 8pin, even ASUS tufrtx3060 has higher frequency and stronger performance under high load of Furmark. What are the advantages of double 8pin? It has stronger compatibility, especially for multi-channel + 12V old power supply. At the same time, TDP can be set higher, with stronger performance and better overclocking potential. But for rtx3060, you can’t think that high TDP can win rtx3060ti.

Author: Poetic pear



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