National products “black horse” vitality forest, choose one in a thousand to achieve real “fragrant” taste

The country is strong and the goods are prosperous. In recent years, with the rapid development of national social economy and science and technology, new consumption wave is coming. New domestic products with new ideas, new technologies and other DNA are opening the door to the consumption of the younger generation, and witness the power of made in China with a new attitude.

When you mention the outstanding representative brands in the field of new domestic products, you may think of a series of names, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Tsingtao beer, Li Ning, Lao Ganma, Nongfu Shanquan and so on. Among them, if specific to the dark horse brand in the field of domestic beverage, the answer must be: vitality forest!

At the end of 2020, Yuanqi forest will stand out from the 1000 + brand of new domestic products in the golden prize · new domestic products innovation competition jointly sponsored by Wu Xiaobo channel and new craftsman new domestic products promotion association, and win the “most potential” award and the “Gold Award” award. With hard core strength, people can witness the powerful charm of Yuanqi forest.

In the field of domestic products, Yuanqi forest can become the light of domestic products in a short time. What qualities does it have to win the favor of consumers?


Answer 1: health and fashion

The core users of Yuanqi forest are mainly young people of Z era. Yuanqi forest is well aware that the new generation of consumers are picky. They pay more attention to the taste of products, the nutrition of products, and the appearance of products. In short, only good taste, good ingredients and good appearance can win the favor and favor of the new generation.

To this end, Yuanqi forest takes “user first” as its core value, and in product development and design, it introduces new low-fat sugar free drinks suitable for young people’s taste. It not only achieves the ultimate taste, but also adopts high-value packaging that conforms to the aesthetic taste of generation Z young people and can highlight young people’s personality, so as to achieve both internal and external success and quickly “get out of the circle” in the industry competition.

Answer 2: pursue the ultimate innovation and change

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. At the same time, the business world is changing rapidly, especially in the Internet era, only change is the only constant.

On the basis of certain success, we are familiar with the vitality of Internet thinking and continuous innovation of forest. Through repeated research, we gradually established a diversified product matrix covering bubble water, tea drinks, microbubble juice and so on, aiming at the characteristics and trends of Z generation’s increasingly diversified and personalized demand for drinks. Through multi product lines and rapid iteration and upgrading, we have established a diversified product matrix covering bubble water, tea drinks, microbubble juice and so on, Continuously meet the increasingly diversified and changeable beverage needs of consumers.


The diversity of categories and the perfection of single products are the typical characteristics of Yuanqi forest. “Do users like your products?” in order to provide users with the ultimate product and user experience, every product launched by Yuanqi forest has been elaborately polished by the team, with high standards and strict requirements in every link of raw materials, functions, tastes and packaging. After repeated verification, it can meet with consumers.

In a word, to achieve quality with ingenuity, to do every product well in a down-to-earth way can not only satisfy your pleasure, but also make you happy, fashionable and healthy, and live up to the love of every consumer. This is the vitality forest.

In the future, under the guidance of the core spirit of user first and product orientation, Yuanqi forest will continue to innovate in quality and lead the new trend of healthy life. At the same time, Yuanqi forest will continue to create the legend of Chinese domestic brand with more wonderful pen and ink.



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