Listen to the sound from the blue sky

Just a few months ago, we evaluated the annual flagship real wireless noise reduction headset enco x from oppo. Its excellent audio hardware foundation, United Dana tuning master, and simple and convenient interactive logic left a deep impression on our editorial room. Every colleague competed first and then went to listen and play. Just a few months later, we ushered in the blue version of oppo enco x released together with the oppo flagship mobile phone find X3. What kind of surprise will this “blue version” bring us? Is it possible to “surpass the blue and surpass the blue”? Next, let’s learn about it!

The main upgrade point of oppo enco x is the appearance change. Its color design inspiration comes from the deep sky. Wearing it, it seems that you can send the blue sky full of hope and brightness into your ears. Vivid frequency, emotional prelude, clear voice, all to it to interpret. In terms of color, oppo enco x, together with the newly released oppo find X3, is the best partner of this year’s digital trend equipment.

Open the packaging box of oppo enco x, and you will see the main body of the headset charging box. This blue appearance, like the deepest color of the dome, is deep and delicate, giving people a sense of calm quality. Play in the hands, like a delicate round pebble.

The charging box of oppo enco x is the same as the conventional color matching version, which adopts the new streamline curvature design, and the overall arc is more close to the palm of the hand. There is a silver waistline with frosted texture on the outer ring, and an oppo logo in the center of the top. The overall design style pays homage to oppo X3, the first MP3 product of oppo, reflecting the development and inheritance of this new flagship in the audio field.

Open the earphone box, the soft and delicate damping feeling seems to open a gift full of expectation. The earphone body adopts in ear design, with customized and optimized tube design and excellent softness silicone ear cap. The earphone has excellent wearing feeling, basically can’t feel the weight, and has a good sense of permeability and air. Like many flagship wireless earphones, the fitting degree between earphone and ear canal can be detected by earphone fitting degree detection technology, which reminds you to adjust the wearing position, further ensures the sound insulation ability of earphone, and ensures the best sound quality and noise reduction.

When it comes to noise reduction, I was pleasantly surprised when I put on the blue-key version of oppo enco X. the stuffy sound of the central air conditioner in the office was eliminated, and the keyboard sound of my colleagues was also reduced to almost silence. The intensity of noise reduction is very satisfactory. With the lightweight fuselage, even if I don’t listen to music, I will always wear it on my ears to feel the quiet environment. Like other flagship noise reduction earphones, oppoenco x also supports long press on the earphone handle to switch the noise reduction mode. When you need to communicate with colleagues, you can turn on the transparent mode with one press, which is easy and convenient.

Oppo enco X’s sound quality has been widely recognized by users. Since it was put on sale for five months, it has received constant praise. In terms of personal experience, enco X’s voice is soft and delicate, the bass is powerful but not turbid, the vocal part is clear and leisurely, the female part is sweet and natural, the high volume is full, and the details are transparent.

The foundation of these good voices comes from the cooperation between oppo and Daniel emonts, the chief tuner of Dana. After half a year, more than 120 different parameter configurations have been adjusted. In the multiple rounds of communication between the two sides, in addition to the subjective description of the music style, more objective test data are used to determine the direction and range of adjustment, resulting in two more pure and clean sound effects.

In addition to having good music skills, the most important point of wireless Bluetooth headset is connectivity. Often, the audio hardware foundation of a wireless headset determines the lower limit of its music playing ability, while the upper limit is determined by the transmission ability and transmission protocol.

Oppo enco x real wireless noise reduction headset uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 transmission (dual transmission) and lhdc technology, which allows the transmission of 24bit / 96KHz serial audio through Bluetooth connection with a speed of up to 900kbps. It is also the second Bluetooth high-quality standard certified by Japan audio association to meet hi res audio wireless standard after Sony’s LDAC protocol.

In the actual test, the same is true. Both the connection stability and the transmission distance can reach excellent standards. When the lhdc transmission mode is turned on, the audio quality can be significantly improved, and some details that could not be heard can be released.

In terms of noise reduction, the enco headset can continue to play music for 5 hours after being fully charged. Combined with charging box, it can provide up to 25 hours in normal mode and 20 hours in noise reduction mode. The charging time of the main body of the earphone is short, so you can continue to enjoy one or two hours of good music after a short rest, and there is basically no anxiety problem in daily use.


As a real wireless noise reduction headset of enco x, a blue-key version launched by oppo’s annual flagship mobile phone find X3 series, it has all the excellent configuration of oppo enco x, and presents a deep “deep blue” appearance, which is both familiar and fresh. As oppo’s annual true wireless noise reduction flagship headset, its excellent hardware foundation and excellent music tuning are standard, as well as excellent interactive experience and connection performance. For consumers who are struggling with how to choose wireless noise reduction earphones, oppo enco x Blues version will not disappoint you. If you happen to start oppo find X3 series flagship smartphone, then this earphone is your best choice, and it performs better under the same brand ecological chain!

Author: the alien on the back of the moon, Gatsby



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