Really wireless also has electronic competition earphone? Blood hand ghost M70, M90 strength on stage

In recent years, the upsurge of true wireless headphones has swept the major manufacturers of headphones. Both the old manufacturers and the new stars in the field of headphones show their understanding of true wireless to the market, which can be described as a hundred flowers blooming. But in the field of wired headphones, there is little trend of “true wireless” for the electronic competition headphones, which occupy an important market. Today, the two headphones produced by the electronic competition manufacturer shuangfeiyan fill the gap in the market of true wireless headphones. The sense of freedom of wireless headphones and the excellent sound rendering ability and sense of orientation of electronic competition headphones are included in such a small body. At the same time, it is inconceivable that people sigh at the progress of science and technology and the excellent technology of manufacturers.

Blood hand ghost twsm90

The blood hand ghost twsm90 wireless intelligent noise reduction headset can easily identify its electronic competition characteristics from its appearance. The black shell is printed with a striking “blood” logo, and the opening of the headset box is surrounded by a bright metal red. On the one hand, it shows the electronic competition properties in a low profile, and on the other hand, it echoes the logo meaning.

Delay has always been a problem wireless headphones try to avoid. As a true wireless headset in e-sports, “eliminating” delay is the primary task of M90 true wireless headset. M90 adopts Bluetooth 5.1 technology, which not only opens the cover to connect, but also has longer connection distance, stable connection, and achieves higher quality sound transmission. At the same time, the unique game mode of blood hand ghost M90 real wireless headset brings 60ms non inductive delay technology to improve the delay, jamming and interference encountered in the game, so as to achieve zero sense of delay. In addition to the fundamental improvement of low latency in hardware technology, the game mode of the headset is also carefully adjusted by the peace elite world champion agfox team. The sound of footsteps, gunshots and movements are particularly prominent and clear. When playing the game, it is extremely accurate to listen and identify the position, so that players can take a quick step.

The special music mode also makes this headset more versatile. The biotechnological carbon fiber mycelium sound film loudspeaker brings higher resolution and better sense of scene to the earphone. At the same time, thanks to the training of shuangfeiyan, the directivity of the vibration film has been greatly improved. In the game, the sound can be heard clearly and accurately, which is good news for FPS players.

Great sound is hard to hear. What take time for the intelligent noise reduction function is that users can respond to the noisy environment whenever and wherever possible. The intelligent noise reduction can reach -35dB, and the sound of the sound can make the users open the noise reduction no matter what noisy environment they are in. The half in ear design is more ergonomic, even if it is worn for a long time.

The earphone, which is cool in appearance and powerful in function, is excellent in music and games. It also supports wireless charging and fast charging technology. It can be used with the charging box for 24-hour ultra long battery life, so that you can really enjoy the whole day. Touch control operation, waterproof and anti perspiration, and other icing on the cake functions enhance the convenience and practicality of this headset, making it more value for money. If you like mobile games, and do not want to have cable constraints, like the free experience, taking into account noise reduction performance. Then the blood hand ghost M90 will be your best choice.

Blood hand ghost wireless M70

Another kind of sister earphone, the blood hand ghost wireless M70, also performs well. It’s the same appearance that catches the eye at a glance: the overall frosted black and the cool light effects of red and blue are enough to attract the eye. In addition, the earphone box with magnetic sliding cover design has a full sense of the future, which can be called “black technology”. Bluetooth 5.0 transmission technology, together with the new generation of non inductive delay technology, brings stable connection and lower delay to the blood hand ghost M70 wireless Bluetooth headset, eliminates game sound delay and reduces interference disconnection.

The sound quality of earphones is greatly improved by the carbon fiber mycelium sound film loudspeaker, which brings better immersion feeling whether listening to music or playing games. Like the M90, the M70 is also equipped with game and music modes. In the game mode, the 60ms non inductive delay technology of earphone makes the game experience smoother, and improves the delay, jamming, disconnection and other conditions. In music mode, hifi level sound quality brings users the ultimate music experience, just like being on the spot. Enc double wheat noise reduction, effectively suppress the background noise, enhance the clarity of the call, and team-mates happily connected wheat, open black to dawn.

The small fuselage still supports touch operation, coupled with the linkage with mobile phone voice assistant, all kinds of application scenarios are easy to deal with. IPx4 waterproof and sweat proof, you can finally run with headphones! What’s worth mentioning is the super long life of this small earphone – the 6-hour life of the earphone itself plus the charging and power reserve, it’s no problem to play 24 hours a day, and say goodbye to the anxiety of life.

Blood hand ghost true wireless Bluetooth headset M70 first conquers a large number of face powder in appearance, coupled with its excellent sound quality and low delay technology optimized for the game, it can be described as “both inside and outside”. The functions of ultra long endurance and touch operation are not only convenient and practical, but also reflect the sense of science and technology, without compromising because of its small size. If you are also a “video game player” who likes to play games, and want to have a cool headset to set off your strength, then the blood hand ghost wireless Bluetooth headset M70 will not disappoint you.

These two earphones are excellent and sincere both in appearance and function. They fill the gap that there is no electronic competition headset in the real wireless headset market. In today’s era when the game is more and more turned to the mobile end, they conform to the trend and cut off the shackles of wired headphones. Blood hand ghost’s two real wireless competition earphones, which are built and optimized for mobile games, have excellent performance in both games and music, and can really be called the king of cost performance.

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