China Resources snowflake launches its first carbonated beverage

Beijing business daily (reporter Zhao Fengrui) on March 14, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned that China Resources snowflake beer announced that its new product “Xiaopi Qi” was officially launched. This is the first carbonated beverage product launched by China Resources snowflake, and also its first juice beverage product. Huarun snowflake said that for snowflake, “small beer” is a brand new track, a brand-new cross-border drink, and also a key step in the strategic transformation of high-end and young layout of snowflake beer.

It is reported that “small beer” looks similar to beer’s color and foam, but also contains malt and hops. However, “small beer” is not fermented without alcohol or fruit beer, but a low-temperature fruit flavored carbonated beverage containing natural fruit juice.

“Small beer steam” launched a total of three specifications, 330ml can, 500ml can and 500ml bottle. Canning is mainly used for non drinking channels, while bottled is mainly used for drinking channels. At present, “Xiaopi steam” has not been listed on major e-commerce platforms.

As for the reasons for launching this new product, Huarun snowflake said that at present, various social scenes and consumer groups are constantly subdivided, and the existing types of beer are difficult to meet the personalized needs of young people. The new product is targeted at people aged 18-35, which can not only meet the needs of party atmosphere, but also meet the health needs of young people.

In addition, in October last year, China Resources snowflake once said at the first National Channel Partner Conference of snowflake beer that the consumer demand of young people has changed and they pay more attention to low sugar, healthy and light drinking. Huarun snowflake will focus on the needs of young people and actively arrange more categories, such as alcohol free beer, beverage wine, etc.

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