AMD will launch epyc Milan, Zen 3 on March 15

AMD’s zen3 micro architecture has been widely used in the consumer PC market, and AMD recently announced that it is based on zen3 micro architecture. The third generation epyc processor will be officially released at 11:00 a.m. on March 15 (0:00 Beijing time on March 16).

At that time, Su Zifeng, President and CEO of AMD, mark papermaster, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Technology Engineering, and other senior executives will attend the speech.

The development code of the third generation epyc processor is Milan. Compared with the previous generation epycram, epycmilan is developed based on zen3 micro architecture, and the IPC is increased by 19%, which brings great efficiency improvement. In addition, epycmilan will be compatible with SP3 (lga4096) interface, and the maximum specification is still 64 core 128 threads. 、

At the previous CES 2021 exhibition, amd initially demonstrated the performance of epycmilan, saying that the 32 core epycmilan is 68% faster than the Intel 28 core cascade Lake refresh Xeon platinum 6258r in running the weather research and forecast model (WRF), far ahead of the number of cores.

However, as the leader in the field of data center, Intel is also about to release the third generation of Xeon extendable processor, namely the product code named Icelake sp. Icelake SP is based on 10nm + process technology. The kernel is upgraded to sunnycove and IPC, with an increase of 19%. Xcc’s maximum specification is 40 cores and 80 threads, and HCC’s maximum specification is 28 cores and 56 threads. Both of them support 8-channel ddr4-3200 memory and pcie4.0 protocol, which is fully improved compared with the previous generation of cascade lake.

In the data center market in 2021, amdepycmilan will face off with Intel Icelake sp.

Author: Diamond Bay


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