Dramless also has top performance, Samsung 980 SSD evaluation

970evo will be released in April 2018, 970evoplus will be released in January 2019, and pciegen4.0 flagship 980pro will be released in September 2020. Half a year will soon pass. Other manufacturers have made great efforts in the SSD market, but Samsung seems to be a little lazy, and the friendly 980 series SSD is still in the future. This is not, a talk about Cao Cao, Cao Cao, Samsung 980 SSD is finally coming.

What are the highlights of Samsung 980 SSD? Keywords: dramless. This is Samsung’s first dramless pciegen3.0m.2 SSD product in the consumer market, and its performance is the absolute first echelon product in the same formation. Compared with 970evoplus, 980pro has formed a golden triangle, which is a bit of a monopoly on high-performance SSD.

In terms of specifications, the write speed of 3500mb / s and the read speed of 3000mb / s, and the random read and write speed of Samsung 980 are much higher than the previous generation 970evo, which is close to the later release 970evoplus. With the new Pablo master, the flash memory is upgraded from the previous 9×6 stack to the 1xx36 stack, and then the cache particles are removed. While ensuring high performance, the cost is lower, which means that the Samsung 980 positioning will be more user-friendly.

Samsung 980 outer packaging and the flagship 980pro use the same black concise style, you can see several keywords: “nvme, m.23500mb / s, 1TB”

CE pot got a 1TB capacity version of the product. According to the official information, 1TB is already the top configuration. Is there really no super large 2TB? (confused). Samsung 980 has three capacities of 250GB, 500GB and 1TB respectively. The biggest difference lies in the performance of sequential read-write and random read-write, as well as the difference of TBW.

Due to the dramless architecture of the SSD, even if we do not tear off the performance label, we can find no DRAM particles. The cost of a solid-state hard disk is mainly in the flash memory particles, but with the improvement of process and stack quantity, the cost of flash memory particles is getting lower and lower; on the contrary, the cost of DRAM is getting higher and higher, so more and more manufacturers have launched their own low-cost dramless architecture solid-state hard disk, even Samsung is no exception. As for the quality of darmless SSD, it still depends on the product itself. The CE editor can tell you in advance that Samsung 980 is a bit overjoyed.

Samsung 980 bottom is a variety of certification logo, a whole sticker is. But everyone who knows Samsung knows that under the sticker is a copper chip, which can assist the solid-state drive to cool down. However, Samsung also has its own dynamic cooling protection technology, which can effectively maintain the operating temperature of 980 to minimize the performance fluctuation caused by long-term operation.

Samsung’s new Pablo master is specially designed for dramless architecture. At the same time, the host memory buffer (HMB) is introduced into the master controller, which can ensure that the 980 still has absolutely strong performance without DRAM. At the same time, the latest intelligent turbowriter 2.0 technology provides slccache with larger capacity, and users can enjoy the highest 3500mb / s high performance rate in a longer time.

Samsung 980, dramless circuit part

Due to the improvement of technology and stack technology, Samsung 9801tb capacity version only has a single flash particle, v-nand particle number is k9dvgy8j5b, but unfortunately, we can’t find the relevant particle specifications from Samsung’s official website, but CE pot believes that this is a sixth generation v-nandtlc particle, with 1361xx layer stack design, and the process technology will be LX nano.



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