15 W silent second full! Amd sharp dragon Pro 5000 chip unveiled, this is a new business benchmark!

A few days ago, amd released the zen3 based Ruilong pro5000 series processors for enterprise business. The specific CPU models include amd Ruilong 5pro5650u, Ruilong 7pro5850u and ryzen3pro5450u, which were previously exposed by foreign media. They will be launched on thinkpadt14s, thinkbook16p (a platform for creators), Lenovo thinkbook14s, HP hpelitebook845g8 and other products, In 2021, more platforms and manufacturers will launch products based on the sharp dragon 5000pro processor for large and medium-sized enterprises.

It is reported that the sharp dragon pro5000 series processor is based on the zen3 architecture, which is different from the consumer products in that it adds the amdpro technology, which is optimized for business scenarios, and is more suitable for the needs of current IT professionals, including bringing them high productivity level, high standard security and providing help for remote work collaboration.

Zen3 is a new benchmark for high productivity

Matthew unangst, director of AMD client product management, told reporters that in 2020, amd has established a new benchmark in the business computer industry. With sharp dragon, sharp dragon pro and high-end thread Ripper Pro processor, amd has made achievements in laptops, desktops and PCs in the latest workstation category, and has also established a good connection with OEM manufacturers to jointly promote the development of PC in the future.

In the face of the impact of the current global business shutdown caused by the epidemic situation, mobile office has become an urgent need for enterprises. The market demand for commercial notebook is unprecedented. AMD’s judgment of the market makes it pay more attention to the business of commercial sector in the future.

Therefore, the sharp dragon pro5000 series processor launched for enterprise users has the same origin as the current popular sharp dragon 5000U series. It adopts the new zen3 core architecture and more sophisticated 7Nm process. The excellent energy consumption ratio makes it possible to carry eight core high-performance CPU on the light and thin notebook, and the performance of the notebook has also increased by leaps and bounds in the past two years.

The product series of Ruilong pro5000 is divided into three categories: Ruilong pro7, 5 and 3. Its core number and thread number can be divided into 4, 8, 16, 8 and 4 respectively. Different solutions can meet the different needs of many enterprise users.

In terms of performance, amd not only released Basic test data this time, but also gave performance evaluation in combination with user’s real use scenario test, including pcmark10, Microsoft Office pcmark10 apps, appstart test, as well as simulated online zoom meeting with 49 people. At the same time, users also need to process word, ppt, edge and other operations on the computer.

From the results, the performance of the real application based benchmark test of the sharp dragon Pro products has great advantages. Taking the sharp dragon 7pro5850u as an example, although it adopts a 15W low-power design and consumes less power than the competitive products, its comprehensive performance still has great advantages, even surpassing the competitive products in single thread performance and surpassing the competitive products by 65% in multi thread performance.

In addition to high performance, the sharp dragon pro5000 series processor also has ultra-low power design. In the mobilemark benchmark, laptops can achieve 17.5 hours of battery life.

“The sharp dragon pro5000 series will further accelerate our market leadership in this segment,” said Matthew unangst At the same time, it is also a high standard of security

In terms of security, amd has also done a lot of work for the sharp dragon pro5000 series processors, including deepening the cooperation of ecological partners in security, and launching new and innovative product security features, including amd shadow stack (which can do a good job in hardware security support from the chip layer to reduce the impact of system attacks caused by malicious software), secure core PC (secure core PC) And introduced the FIPS standard. So the new functions just mentioned show that AMD is working at multiple levels of security, deepening cooperation with our partners like Microsoft and other OEM, and strengthening security at the hardware layer, operating system layer and platform layer just mentioned.

Amdpro technology can be divided into three parts

1. Amdpro security protection function

2. Manageability of amdpro

3. Amdprobusiness ready

The three capabilities can help users protect sensitive data, help it managers and it decision-makers manage deployment through tools, and ensure stability, so that enterprises have strong confidence in IT investment and future stability. It also provides powerful support for remote collaboration & amp; it management

The products of Ruilong pro5000 Series CPU processor are specially designed for professionals. It has good manageability, convenient deployment and management, high quality and reliability, and is ready for customers’ business.

It is understood that amdpro can provide a series of tools and capabilities for it managers and IT professionals to seamlessly access new platforms in the existing infrastructure. Through the manageability of amdpro, it can support the traditional deployment mode based on dash and the modern solution based on cloud management. Therefore, the devices of AMD platform can be seamlessly deployed to the existing production environment.

And amdpro business ready can provide customers with a very critical guarantee for the stability of their future hardware planning, and give them more confidence. Through stability and enhanced quality and reliability, Ruilong pro5000 Series CPU processors can provide customers with very long-term stable guarantee. From the first day of purchase and deployment, they can guarantee a long-term, stable and reliable system in the whole working team for users to use.

Author: Xiao Lanmao



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