Real 2K resolution game king: Xunjing Rx 6700xt overseas OC evaluation

“Bignavi” big core tactics let amd successfully return to the high-end fever game graphics card market, but it’s a pity that Su Ma didn’t take advantage of the victory to launch the more popular rx6000 Series graphics card, but looked at the home to fight. After Lao Huang released geforce rtx3060ti and rtx306012g graphics cards for the 2K resolution game market, Su Ma finally started to officially release her radon rx6700xt graphics card.

As the second GPU product based on rnda2 architecture, the core code is navi22xt, which can be said to be a small core product under rdan2’s big core strategy. The GPU specification under rdna2 architecture is reduced to a certain extent to make it more suitable for 2k1440p game market. In this way, the radon rx6700xt has 40 cus, 12gb video memory, 96MB infinity cache, and 230wtdp settings. After all, the previous generation of radon rx57000xt is really a bit behind the home products. Amd plans to use the radon rx6700xt as a stepping stone to the mid-range market.

Compared with the navi21xt core, the number of transistors in the navi22xt is 9.6 billion less, and the core area is reduced from 520mm square to 335mm square. Compared with the old navi10xt, the core area of the navi22xt is still much larger. Of course, it can’t compare with the core area of the two brothers. The main difference between them lies in the texture unit, rasterization processing unit, RT / Cu computing unit, memory bit width and AMD infinity cache capacity. The texture unit and rasterization processing unit directly affect the game performance, while RT / Cu computing unit affects the light tracking performance and computing power. What will su ma do with her performance? Let’s have a try.

Introduction to test graphics card: xfxradeonrx6700xt overseas OC graphics card

We have the non-public version of xfxradeonrx6700xt overseas OC graphics card. Compared with the public version of radon rx6700xt, the frequency is slightly higher, and the heat sink module is obviously stronger than the public version of dual fans, which can keep the graphics card running at a higher frequency.

As a popular XFX overseas version of OC graphics card, it has a very low-key appearance design, probably because the three fans + thick cooling module has given people enough domineering reason, the front of the graphics card is really more solid. However, the back panel is quite high. The exaggerated merclogo, the hollow out design of the tail and the XFX hollow out logo are not low-key at all. On the contrary, they give people a strong and wild inner feeling.

The hollowed out design and opening at the rear of the graphics card are designed to drain the heat more quickly. Unfortunately, the radon logo at the rear is only a sticker, not an LED light. Only the radon rx6700xt at the top is the real belief light.

The auxiliary power supply adopts the double 8pin design, which is quite enough for the 230W TDP graphics card. Later, we also have a detailed test to see how much power each of the two 8pins takes. Next to the auxiliary power supply is the double BIOS button. At present, the two BIOS inside the graphics card are the same, which is convenient for players to debug the BIOS overclocking, and they are not afraid to play bad BIOS.

IO interface is a configuration of three dp1.4 and one hdmi2.1, which can realize single line 8K resolution output.

Xfxradeonrx6700xt three fans of overseas OC graphics card are designed with two 9015 + one 1015 specifications, which is weaker than higher models of overseas OC graphics card, but much stronger than the public version of double fans. In particular, the three fans are all 13 blades + double ball bearing + DC brushless design, which has more outstanding performance in terms of air volume, noise control and even service life.

The main body of heat dissipation is a 5-heat pipe three-stage design of heat dissipation module. The number of heat dissipation fins is large and evenly arranged, and the heat dissipation area is large. Combined with the design of three fans, the heat can be quickly discharged to the outside of the graphics card.

The base of pure copper can absorb heat for GPU, and the integrated auxiliary heat dissipation can solve the problem of power supply and heat storage, especially when gddr6 operates at high frequency.

From the perspective of PCB type, xfxradeonrx6700xt overseas OC adopts the public version like PCB, and the overall layout is not different from that of the public version. There are six Samsung gddr6 video memory particles around the GPU, and the left and right power supply modules respectively.

It’s also a 12gb video memory solution. The original design is adopted by the radon rx6700xt, while the core of the home ga106 is an empty soldering design. Whoever’s good or bad will be in each eye. Anyway, I think the performance is strong enough, and everything is good.

The core of the video card and the back of the video memory particles are pasted with high thermal conductivity thermal pad, and the metal back plate is used for heat dissipation assistance. This auxiliary heat dissipation effect is relatively obvious. Later, we also used a professional tester to verify it.

Ir35217pwm control chip, each power supply is equipped with ncp302155drmos chip, the average current value can reach 55A.

The main control of PWM at the end of PCB is ncp81022, and the main power supply is also equipped with ncp302155drmos chip.

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