What are the disadvantages of foot therapy machine? Brand recommendation of foot therapy machine

Foot therapy machine is a common small household appliance in life. People will know its disadvantages before they buy foot therapy machine. What are the disadvantages of foot therapy machine? In addition, the brand will be considered. What are the brands of foot therapy machine on the market? Today we will talk about the shortcomings and brand of foot therapy machine.

1、 What are the disadvantages of foot therapy machine

1. People with the following electronic devices in the body are also not allowed to use foot therapy machine: implantable medical electronic instruments such as cardiac pacemaker, life sustaining medical electronic instruments such as artificial heart and lung, and external medical electronic instruments such as ECG scanner.

2. The price of foot therapy machine is high. If it is used improperly, the effect will be counterproductive.

2、 Brand recommendation of foot therapy machine

1. Taichang

Founded in 1998, Shanghai Taichang fitness equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise of fitness massage equipment, integrating R & D, production and sales. The foot therapy basin with mechanical roller technology as the core focuses on low-cost products. It is one of the biggest brands of foot therapy equipment network sales in China in recent years.

2. Huangwei

Ningbo Huangwei Health Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises in China to produce intelligent health foot therapy equipment, which is committed to the R & D, production and sales of foot therapy equipment and health care products. The products are mainly low-end basic products, and the network is the main sales market. Its low price has attracted a large number of customers.

3. Kangdao

Kangdao is a leading enterprise in the ultrasonic industry. The advent of ultrasonic foot therapy machine has completely broken the serious problem of homogenization of foot therapy equipment for many years, and has made a breakthrough in the technical core. The efficacy of ultrasonic deep massage, deep cleaning and deep sterilization has completely solved the problems of shallow massage and uneven massage of mechanical roller of traditional foot therapy equipment. In 2013, kangdao made a breakthrough in large and medium-sized enterprises all over the country It has become the most popular brand in the foot therapy market and a black horse in the foot therapy equipment industry.

4. Beautiful

It has its own patented anti leakage technology and the strong brand support of Midea, which is welcomed and affirmed by the majority of consumers. It is in a leading position in the sales of supermarkets and networks. Midea’s entry into the foot therapy equipment market is the same as Midea’s entry into the water purification equipment market in those years. It mainly focuses on appearance, non professional enterprises and OEM production. Its products are deeply loved by consumers.

It can be seen that the foot therapy machine has the disadvantages of slightly higher price and narrow audience. In addition, people must pay attention to the brand factor when purchasing foot massage machine. There are many brands of foot massage machine on the market, such as Midea, kangdao, etc. the product performance and after-sales service are more guaranteed.

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