Rocknews will launch rx6700xt hellhound graphics card

According to foreign media, Powercolor will launch rx6700xt hellhound graphics card. Hellhound is also a brand new series of graphics cards, which means “hellhound” in English.

撼讯将推出RX6700XT Hellhound显卡

At present, shake news has exposed a suspected rx6700xt hellhound graphics card partial appearance. It has a metal back plate design with the logo of hellhound on it. Compared with the current red devil and red dragon series graphics cards, hellhound hell hound Series graphics cards will adopt a new appearance design.

AMD’s rx6700xt graphics card is expected to be officially released this week. It has a new Navi 22 display core, 2560 stream processors and 12gb gddr6 memory. The public version card will also be equipped with 8 + 6pin auxiliary power supply interface. The rx6700xt hellhound graphics card of rockcom will adopt 8 + 8pin auxiliary power supply interface design.

It is widely speculated that the competing product of rx6700xt will be Huang’s rtx3060ti. Of course, the rx6700xt can only be compared with the rtx3060 in terms of performance.

Author: Zhang Fan



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