Beijing pension institutions resume appointment visit

Beijing business daily (reporter Jiang Mengwei Yang Hui) on March 3, the official wechat of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs announced that recently, the Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs issued the notice on adjusting the epidemic prevention and control level of the city’s elderly care service institutions (hereinafter referred to as the notice) to all District civil affairs bureaus, clearly adjusting the epidemic prevention and control response level of Beijing’s elderly care service institutions to level 3. This also means that the elderly in the city’s pension institutions can go out temporarily, and their families can also resume appointment visits.

Specifically, according to the notice of Beijing Civil Political Bureau on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control in elderly care institutions, in the case of three-level response, family members of the elderly are allowed to visit the hospital, foreign personnel who visit, visit, consult and volunteer service are allowed to be admitted to the hospital, necessary inspection and maintenance, evaluation and investigation, medical staff are allowed to be admitted to the hospital, and the elderly in the hospital are allowed to leave the hospital temporarily Out. The newly hospitalized elderly and the elderly who return home without policy and regulations can enter the elderly care service institutions only after the nucleic acid test is normal, and after living in a single room in the hospital and health monitoring is normal for 14 days, the normal life in the hospital can be restored.

For the elderly who need to go out temporarily, after approval, under the premise of good protection, no gathering and no going out of Beijing, the institution may not arrange the staff to accompany them, strictly perform disinfection, registration and other procedures after returning to the hospital, truthfully report the track of their activities, strengthen health monitoring and live in a single room as far as possible. After returning to the hospital, the elderly should wear masks and other protective measures. Within 7 days from the next day of returning to the hospital, they should live in a single room and eat alone, and do not have close contact with other elderly people. In addition to health monitoring for 7 days, nucleic acid test should be carried out and the test result is negative.

At the same time, the family members who need to visit can make an appointment according to the corresponding regulations. The hospitalized family members should wear medical surgical masks and disinfect their hands in the whole process, and visit them according to the designated route, place and time; the number and times of visits in the elderly care institutions should be determined by the elderly care institutions themselves according to the facilities and service guarantee ability, and the visit time of each batch should not exceed 30 minutes; it is strictly forbidden to admit people with epidemiological risks and suspicious symptoms, especially respiratory symptoms. In terms of staff commuting, according to the regulations, under the premise of good protection, not leaving Beijing and not gathering, the staff of pension institutions can commute freely; the post station staff who provide home-based services can enter the homes of the elderly to provide services with the consent of the elderly themselves or their agents on the premise of showing the Beijing health code, wearing medical surgical masks, gloves and shoe covers.

Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from a number of elderly care institutions in the city and found that at present, all institutions have indeed resumed appointment visits and other services. Jia Jinfeng, President of Chunhui nursing home in cuncao, Chaoyang District, told Beijing Business Daily that according to the latest regulations, family members who need to visit need to make an appointment in advance through wechat or telephone. Each visit can enter up to two family members, and the visit time is about 20-30 minutes.

“The hospital adopts the time-sharing visit mode, which can be visited at three time periods in the morning and afternoon every day. At present, it can receive about 10 family members all day. In addition, the weather is still relatively cold, so visits need to be made in designated places in the hospital, and family members are not allowed to enter the living areas of the elderly for the time being. As the weather gets warmer, we will gradually open more outdoor visiting places to meet the needs of family members as much as possible, “Jia Jinfeng told Beijing business daily. When visiting each time, the nursing home will be equipped with nursing staff to communicate with their families about the current physical condition of the elderly. “

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