Beauty and strength coexist! HP star 14 high performance lightweight new product evaluation

Because of the nature of work, often the main (BEI) move for relatives and friends reading children to answer the purchase of notebooks.

“Want a lighter, longer battery life, the best can play mainstream online games, screen is also good, do design and so on.”

Then he added, “it’s better to be a big brand, and the budget is only about 6000.”.

Although these requirements are harsh, they are very practical for college students. For example, the light and thin fuselage can make it more convenient to shuttle between classrooms, libraries, dormitories, etc.; enough performance can prevent roommates from acting as onlookers when they play games; the super long endurance can prevent the library from learning to compete with others for arrangement, and suddenly shut down when the teacher writes on the blackboard in class

But there are not many laptops that can precisely meet the needs of young people. Recently, we have received HP star 14 high performance lightweight Edition (referred to as “star 14 high performance lightweight edition”), let’s see if it can meet the above requirements

New appearance upgrade, smaller and lighter

Compared with the previous generation, this new product has been upgraded a lot. For example, the weight is lighter. The fuselage is as thin as 16.9mm and as light as 1.41kg. Compared with the previous generation, the length and width of the fuselage are reduced by 3.8mm and 8.5mm, making it more compact and portable. This is “burden reduction” for students who often travel around the campus.

In terms of appearance design, the star 14 high-performance lightweight version has a variety of fashionable color matching, such as moonlight silver, streamer gold, first love powder, which can greatly meet the needs of different color lovers. You don’t have to buy Stickers online for DIY because your notebook is ugly any more.

We got this one in moonlight silver color, a, C double-sided metal material, fashionable and exquisite. The C surface adopts 3D integrated molding technology, with no gap at the edge, which is quite beautiful and can better prevent dust deposition at the same time.

The notebook can be opened and closed with one hand. There is no pressure to open the computer while drinking. In terms of screen, the star 14 high-performance lightweight version adopts a very narrow frame design. The width of the left and right frames of the screen is only 4.35mm (5.52mm of the previous generation), accounting for 84% of the screen.

According to the test of red spider color calibrator, the color gamut of this product is 95% sRGB and 73% Adobe RGB, and the color standard is 1.54. That is to say, this screen can provide users with excellent daily appearance, and it is also very suitable for professional needs such as map revision and video editing.

In the library and classroom, we all like to sit by the window, sometimes the sun will shine on the screen, and higher screen brightness does not have to worry about such a problem. The screen brightness of star 14 high-performance lightweight version reaches 400nits. Compared with similar products, the screen brightness is generally maintained at 300nits. Even if it is used in the sun, you can see a clearer picture.

In addition to the high-quality screen, this product also has a narrow frame design. Compared with the previous generation, star 14 has further narrowed the top border, realizing the true three side narrow border. Vision impact is very strong, video entertainment can easily deal with.

Star 14 high performance thin book is equipped with rich interfaces, which can meet the needs of students for external projector, mouse, keyboard and even display. It has two usb3.2gen1 interfaces, one usbtype-c interface, one HDMI interface, one headset in one interface, SD card reader, etc. Among them, the type-C interface of the high-performance and lightweight version of star 14 is designed with full functions and supports PD charging protocol.

Excellent configuration, balance game and productivity

Let’s take a look at the configuration of this product we got. The processor is Intel’s 11th generation core processor i7-1165g7, the graphics card is mx450, with 16gb3200mhz DDR4 memory, 512gbssd for storage, and 1t expansion is the maximum support. From the data point of view, it can meet the needs of young people.

The i7-1165g7 with high performance and light weight of star 14 has a design of 4 cores and 8 threads. It adopts the 10nm superfin process. The Rui frequency can reach 4.7ghz, the balance power consumption is 12W, and the maximum power consumption is 28w.

According to the R23 test, the multi-core score can reach 4863 PTS, and the single core score can reach 1377 PTS.

Star 14 high performance slim edition is equipped with a new nvidiageforcemx450 independent graphics card, which is the top configuration of the current slim edition. It can perfectly control the mainstream games and design work, and has the same entertainment creativity. According to the firestrike mode of 3dmark, the overall score is 4207 points, and the single score of its graphics card is 4575 points.

In terms of performance release, we use aida64fpu + Furmark to double bake for 10 minutes, the CPU power consumption is 13W, the GPU power consumption is 14W, the performance release is relatively conservative, at this time, the noise of the fan is not obvious.

After double baking (at this time, the room temperature is 23 ℃), the maximum temperature on the front of the whole machine is 47.2 ℃. The temperature of WASD key, wrist bracket and touch panel is moderate, and there is basically no heat feeling. In other words, conservative performance release leads to better temperature control and lower noise.

In terms of the game, we chose “CS: go” with medium image quality. The number of frames of the game can be stabilized at 80 ~ 100 frames. The operation is smooth and there is no jamming. The overall game experience is good.

In league of heroes, the picture quality is very high. In 5v5 combat, the number of frames in group combat can be maintained at the level of more than 110 frames.

In terms of productivity, we use star 14 high-performance thin book for video editing, a 6-minute video of station B, which adds transition effects, color matching, subtitles and other effects. Through the use of the star 14 high-performance thin book, both the preview and the final rendering and editing process are very smooth.

Specifically, video export is carried out through Adobe Premiere pro2020, and CUDA acceleration (mx450) is turned on and CUDA acceleration (mercuryplayback engine software) is turned off for comparison. It takes 1 minute 26 seconds to turn on CUDA and 2 minutes 10 seconds to turn off CUDA. As you can see, with the blessing of mx450, the efficiency of image processing is improved significantly.

Super long endurance, no worries

As we all know, thin fuselage, high-quality screen will certainly have an impact on the notebook’s life, such as to reduce the battery life for the sake of thin fuselage. In the library, classroom and other places with less charging plug, the endurance of notebook is particularly important.

Star 14 high-performance lightweight battery adopts innovative technology to monitor the battery temperature, battery life and battery charging status in real time, so as to keep the battery healthy and prolong the service life of the battery.

In the actual use process, we found that when we watch popular online dramas (super clear quality, including bullet screen), turn on super long endurance mode, adjust the brightness to 50%, play 1 hour video, the battery consumes 10% of the power. It only takes half an hour to charge 50%.

Huixiaowei blessing, the computer can also be very smart

Young people like to be different, especially notebook. In addition to the appearance and performance of these conventional options, the star 14 High-Performance Lightweight edition also features the “huixiaowei” voice assistant to further enhance the user experience of the student party. Through the actual experience, this voice assistant function can be comparable to the mobile phone voice assistant.

After we call “micro micro” to easily wake up intelligent AI, we can query weather, news or information search through simple dialogue. For example, you can directly ask huixiaowei, “what’s the weather tomorrow?” “What are today’s hot news” and other issues, or, you can directly ask huixiaowei to help you operate the computer through voice passwords such as “xiaoweiwei, please help me turn on the screen”.

For example, one day in the bedroom, after playing computer, climb to bed to sleep, but found that the laptop screen has been on, a waste of electricity. At this time, you can shout “xiaoxiaowei, help me lock the screen” remotely. After hearing the command, the high-performance and light version of star 14 will lock the screen automatically.

Summary of pconline evaluation room

It can be seen that the design and performance of star 14 High-Performance Lightweight edition can meet the needs of ordinary students. The 11th generation core processor is equipped with mx450 graphics card, which can meet the needs of daily learning, entertainment and other aspects. Fashionable appearance and high color gamut screen can attract other people’s amazing eyes no matter in classroom or library. As a lightweight product that meets the standard in all aspects, star 14 high performance lightweight book is very worthy of students’ choice.

Author: Li Fei



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