Xinri electric vehicle takes the lead

The 20th North China International bicycle and electric vehicle exhibition will be held in Tianjin from March 26 to 28. With the new theme of “new era, new pattern, new integration and new trend”, the exhibition will focus on new changes in industrial development, advocate the concept of intelligent manufacturing, and promote industrial innovation and development for industry wide discussion and exchange. As a first-line enterprise in the electric vehicle industry, Xinri will participate in the exhibition. At that time, what kind of brilliant performance will Xinri have? We might as well make a bold prediction around the theme of this Tianjin Exhibition and in combination with Xinri’s “new actions” in recent years.

Power technology is broken, new Japan will lead a new era of lithium battery

With the implementation of the new national standard, lithium batteries have become the development trend of the industry. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have lighter weight and higher capacity. For the rigid new national standard of “vehicle weight no more than 55kg”, lithium batteries have great market advantages. As an enterprise participating in the formulation of the new national standard, Xinri is the first one in the industry to independently develop and apply automotive grade lithium batteries, which can be used for 5 years and 10 years. Both battery life and service life have been greatly improved, meeting the basic needs of the public for two wheeled electric vehicles.

群雄逐鹿,新日电动车率先出击 突出重围

With the rapid pace of modern life, the so-called time is money. People pay more attention to products that can improve the efficiency of work and life. For two wheeled electric vehicles, in addition to improving the speed, fast charging technology is also the “growth agent” of life efficiency. In fact, Xinri has realized fast charging technology in high-end models, and how to make more consumers benefit from fast charging technology is the focus of technological innovation that Xinri needs to pay attention to in the future, and we are looking forward to its breakthrough.

群雄逐鹿,新日电动车率先出击 突出重围

All leaders must take the lead in breaking the situation. If Xinri has a subversive release on lithium + fast charging technology at Tianjin Exhibition, it will surely create a lithium era belonging to Xinri.

How to subvert the concept of intelligent manufacturing, seeking from inside or learning from outside?

After predicting the breakthrough of new Japan in lithium battery, we can expect another breakthrough in intelligent manufacturing.

In fact, many models of Xinri have achieved some intelligent functions, such as Miku super has fingerprint and Bluetooth unlocking, APP remote alert, vehicle physical examination and OTA remote upgrade, but it is still far from meeting the high standard demand of contemporary people for intelligent products.

群雄逐鹿,新日电动车率先出击 突出重围

The intellectualization of electric vehicles should break through the travel scene and be applied to more life scenes, such as the intercommunication with clothing, food, housing and other aspects, which requires the help of Internet of things terminal to expand communication carrier and cloud computing technology. Obviously, these technologies can not only rely on the “power of one person” of Xinri, but need to learn from each other and develop together. As for which brand enterprises Xinri will cooperate with, it can not be easily asserted, but it can be predicted that TA must be a leading brand in the industry.

Top exhibition, new products will occupy C position

Tianjin Exhibition is an important event for the electric vehicle industry, gathering hundreds of electric vehicle enterprises. At that time, in addition to focusing on the industry technology, the public will focus more on the products. New products will appear in the new day of Tianjin Exhibition. In recent years, Xinri has continuously launched new models, such as Miku super, which was launched at the super strategy conference last year, and the super running series models which recently appeared in stores have been highly praised by everyone, both in appearance and performance. In this exhibition, Xinri is bound to overturn the tradition and release new products of intelligent and lithium synchronous upgrade.

群雄逐鹿,新日电动车率先出击 突出重围

Looking forward to Tianjin Exhibition, Xinri exhibition area is full of people.

To promote the innovation and development of electric vehicle industry, we need the joint efforts of the whole industry. Xinri has taken the lead in the layout of lithium battery and intelligent field, leading the development of the industry. At this Tianjin Exhibition, Xinri will also break the new pattern, integrate more forces, and create a new era of intelligent + lithium battery belonging to Xinri!



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