11900k leads the official release of Intel’s 11th generation desktop processor

At 11:00 p.m. on March 16, Beijing time, the 11th generation of Intel Core s series desktop processors (code named “rocket lake-s”) were officially released, including 14 new U’s such as core i9-11900k. With Intel thermal velocity boost technology, the flagship core i9-11900k can achieve up to 5.3GHz frequency, providing excellent performance experience for gamers and PC enthusiasts.

11900K领衔 英特尔第11代台式处理器正式发布

This generation is also the last generation of Intel’s 14nm desktop processor, with a maximum specification of 8 cores and 16 threads. The CPU part is similar to the ice lake architecture, and the core display part is similar to the tiger Lake architecture. We can think that it is a combination of 10 generations and 11 generations.

The 11th generation of Intel Core s series desktop processor adopts the cypress Cove architecture, which aims to reshape the hardware and software efficiency and improve the original performance of the game. The new architecture can achieve up to 19% IPC (instructions per clock) generation performance improvement and ultra-high frequency core. At the same time, it uses the enhanced Intel super core graphics card with Intel Xe graphics architecture, which can realize rich media and intelligent graphics card functions. The significance of this improvement is that today’s games and most applications still rely on high-frequency cores to achieve high frame rate and low latency.

11900K领衔 英特尔第11代台式处理器正式发布

The performance monster in this series is core i9-11900k, which has up to 5.3GHz core frequency, 8 cores, 16 threads and 16MB Intel intelligent cache, providing the highest performance. The unlocked 11th generation Intel Core s series desktop processor supports fast ddr4-3200mhz memory speed for smoother gaming experience and seamless multitasking.

By working closely with more than 200 top game developers, Intel has brought a lot of optimizations in games, engines, middleware and rendering, helping them make full use of the 11th generation of Intel Core s series desktop processors to create an exciting game experience.

Outstanding tuning and stability: the 11th generation intel core desktop processor brings new overclocking tools and features, which can enhance the flexibility of tuning, achieve faster speed and outstanding game performance. This generation of products also provides many outstanding features, such as real-time memory overclocking (support for real-time change of DDR4 frequency), extended memory overclocking support for h570 and b560 chipsets (support for more Intel user experience overclocking functions), advanced vector extended instruction set (AVX) 2 and avx-512 voltage protection, fixed band adjustment mode and support for broader timing and gear 2 (also supports gear1).

Modern media and live features: with ddr4-3200mhz support, up to 20 channels of PCI 4.0, Intel fast video synchronization technology, enhanced media (10 bit AV1 / 12 bit efficient video coding, decoding and end-to-end compression), enhanced display (integrated HDMI 2.0, hbr3), and independent thunderbolt 4 and Intel Wi Fi 6e support and other features. The new 11th generation Intel Core s series desktop processor can provide rich media experience, from 3A level games to HD live broadcast.

At present, Intel Jingdong self owned flagship store has opened the pre-sale of the 11th generation of Intel Core s series desktop processors, of which the first price of the flagship core i9-11900k is 4699 yuan.

11900K领衔 英特尔第11代台式处理器正式发布

Improvements in this generation include:

Up to 19% of IPC performance improvement.

Up to 50% of the performance improvement of integrated graphics card is due to the enhanced Intel super core graphics card with Intel Xe graphics architecture.

Intel deep learning acceleration and vector neural network instruction set support help to accelerate AI reasoning and greatly improve the performance of deep learning workload.

Enhanced overclocking tools and features provide flexible overclocking and tuning performance and experience.

Author: Zhang Fan



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