Last night and this morning: iqoo neo5 is sold from 2499 yuan, Huawei will charge 5g patent fee from 2021, and the upper limit of single unit is 2.50 US dollars

昨夜今晨:iQOO Neo5发布2499元起售  华为2021年起将收取5G专利费单台上限2.5美元

Iqoo neo5 officially released snapdragon 870 + independent display dual core

On the evening of March 16, iqoo neo5 was officially released. The new machine is equipped with snapdragon 870 processor and independent display chip, with UFS 3.1, which can ensure the lasting output in the state of high image quality and high frame rate.

Iqoo neo5 is 8.43mm thick and 196g in weight. It has three colors: night shadow black, cloud shadow blue and pixel orange. The screen adopts 6.62 “120Hz Samsung OLED screen, supports fingerprint unlocking, with peak brightness of 1300nits and contrast ratio of 6000000:1. The screen is equipped with HDDC + and HDDC + certification, and the screen is certified as “low light, low shade and color”.

The mobile phone adopts the combination of 66W fast charging and 4400mAh battery. The 66W flash charging can be fully charged in half an hour through the charge pump technology and FFC technology, combined with the dual cell scheme. At the same time, it is equipped with a heat dissipation graphite plate with an area of nearly 6000mm2 to realize full coverage of liquid cooling heat dissipation.

In terms of image, iqoo neo5 adopts the rear three camera scheme, 48 million main camera + 13 million ultra wide angle + 2 million black and white lens, supports raw HDR 2.0 technology and ultra clear pixel displacement technology, and has the functions of super night scene 5.0, black light night vision 2.0, night scene portrait, panoramic night scene HDR, motion anti shake, intelligent motion focusing, etc.

The price of the new machine is 2499 yuan for 8 + 128GB, 2699 yuan for 8 + 256gb and 2999 yuan for 12 + 256gb.

Lucky coffee and creditors reached a restructuring support agreement to discuss the financing of 250 million yuan

On the evening of March 16, lucky coffee announced on its official website that it has reached a restructuring support agreement with important creditors and will fulfill its debt obligations in the agreement in the near future. The announcement also disclosed that lucky coffee is holding exclusive discussions with an investor for 30 days, with a view to raising at least $250 million in equity financing through private financing.

Lucky coffee said that the restructuring support agreement will not affect the cooperation with existing suppliers and partners, lucky coffee will fulfill its payment obligations to suppliers on time. At the same time, it will not have any impact on the daily operation of the company. At present, all the stores of lucky coffee are in normal operation, and the development trend is good. On the one hand, the company’s overall operation has entered a virtuous circle, and the “iron triangle” operation mode built around users, stores and products is steadily advancing; on the other hand, the company’s performance is growing continuously.

Huawei will charge 5g patent fee from 2021, with a maximum of $2.50 per mobile phone

Huawei held a press conference at its headquarters on March 16, announcing the charging standard for mobile phones containing Huawei’s 5g patented technology, with a maximum license fee of $2.50 per mobile phone. Song Liuping, Huawei’s chief legal officer, said Huawei would negotiate with apple and Samsung on the right to use 5g patents.

At present, Huawei has more than 100000 patents, of which 5g related patents account for more than 6%. According to a report released by iplytics, a German patent information analysis organization, as of October last year, Huawei ranked the first in the world in 5g patent applications, with 6372 applications. Qualcomm and Samsung ranked second and third, with 4590 and 4052 respectively.

Huawei estimates that after it starts to collect 5g patent fees, the company’s intellectual property revenue will be about US $1.2 billion to US $1.3 billion in 2019-2021, and the scope of open patent licensing will be expanded from telecommunications infrastructure and consumer electronics terminals to IOT and networked vehicles.

Foxconn: cooperation with apple to build cars “is still a rumor”

Foxconn Chairman Liu Yangwei said on Tuesday that the company will decide on the location of its first electric car factory between Mexico and Wisconsin this year, but said the cooperation with apple to build cars “is still a rumor.”.

Foxconn has increased its auto production capacity in the hype over Apple’s auto project, with the goal of becoming the most powerful competitor to the US giant in the field of OEM. “Foxconn is a newcomer and we will build up strong enough capabilities so that our potential customers will trust us and let us help produce products,” Liu said

Mr. Liu said Foxconn was working to finalize a joint venture agreement with Fiat Chrysler, which is now part of stellantis NV. He declined to say anything about Apple, saying the widely reported auto project “is still a rumor.”.

ZTE repurchases Nubia shares, holding 78.33%

ZTE recently bought back shares in Nubia, raising its stake to 78.33% from 49.9%, Sina Technology reported. ZTE’s move may be intended to further strengthen the synergy between ZTE and Nubia and other mobile phone brands.

In July 2017, ZTE announced the transfer of 10.1% equity of its holding subsidiary Nubia to Nanchang hi tech with RMB 727 million. At present, ZTE holds 78.33% of shares in Nubia Technology Co., Ltd., 15% in Nanchang Gaoxin Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., and 6.67% in Zunyi Yingcai Zhiyuan Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

At the ZTE terminal channel partners conference in December 2020, Ni Fei announced that ZTE’s terminal business will return to China’s 2C market in 2021, unify ZTE, Nubia and red devils, and carry out operators and open market operation in an all-round way through multi-channel cooperation such as national representative, provincial representative and direct supply.




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