Xiaomi’s new notebook Pro is coming back after four years! Lei Jun: long wait

Today, Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, officially announced through Weibo that the new Xiaomi notebook Pro is coming back! According to the official poster, the new Mi notebook Pro will abandon the “ancestral mold” and adopt a brand new design. At present, the official has not announced the launch time of this new product, but now that it has been warmed up, it means that it is not far from the launch.

Before many generations of millet notebook did not clearly show the logo, let alone on the a side. This time, “Xiaomi” printed the logo on the a side of the notebook for the first time, which increased the recognition and showed Xiaomi’s full confidence in the design of this product.

It is worth mentioning that before, due to the lack of R & D investment in the initial stage of Xiaomi notebook project, the products were constantly surpassed by friends. However, the Remi series launched by Xiaomi focuses on cost-effective products, which is also impressive in appearance. The release of a number of new products in succession has regained the reputation of users. Of course, the product still depends on its strength. I hope Xiaomi notebook Pro can bring more surprises after four years. Let’s wait and see.

&Author: September


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