Which brand of detergent is safer? Olive cleanser makes you work clean

The Spring Festival holiday is like running water. In order to have a good meal, workers have to put their work into the plan, and the kitchen is once again becoming a resting place for the family. However, it’s a good time to cook, wash dishes and crematorium. Every time after eating their own carefully cooked food, a messy tabletop and a variety of tableware is really a headache. What’s more troubling is that in the process of washing dishes, the alkaline ingredients contained in the detergent can cause damage to the hands. So, which brand of detergent is safer? What should we pay attention to when buying detergent? Listen to me.


Which brand of detergent is safer? According to the provisions of national food safety standard detergent, detergent is divided into two categories: olive, wild chrysanthemum and chrysanthemum. The raw materials that meet the class a requirements of national food safety standard are selected and tested by the safety toxicology test and the third-party authority. They are actually non-toxic products. You can choose them with ease, so that you can enjoy the pleasant “food” light at every meal.

Which brand of detergent is safer? The mild formula is more popular. Chrysanthemum disease enters by the mouth. The natural ingredient is not harmful to the hands. It is natural to select the essence of food grade chrysanthemum. It does not hurt the hands and has no fear of washing the hands. Besides, the black rust does not hurt the hand washing essence. It can effectively remove stubborn grease and pathogenic bacteria on the tableware, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%.


It’s easy to float, clear and pass water, take care of your hands and health, and refuse the hands of “housewife” and “husband”. It’s a must-have at home!



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