Lenovo’s thinkbook 14 opening season discount: 11 generations i7 + mx450, 5999 yuan

As a college student or a young man just entering the workplace, the budget for buying a laptop is often not enough. But contemporary youth also have life pursuit and personality, and they don’t want to settle anything. Not only good-looking appearance, but also good performance configuration, to ensure the smooth operation of the system, of course, there is no lack of lightweight features, it is convenient to carry out. Lenovo’s thinkbook 14 core edition may be able to meet all the needs of young people.

At the beginning of the school season, Lenovo’s thinkbook 14 core edition is available for 5999 yuan. Students can also enjoy 12 special interest free installments. Recently, some students who have bought laptops can pay attention to it.

In the eyes of young people, beauty is the first productivity, and their notebooks must bear the responsibility of beauty. Lenovo thinkbook14 is a notebook specially designed for young people. It has a color contrast appearance ID on side a and a sharp corner frame design. It has changed its mellow style and is full of fierce and fashionable atmosphere. The 180 degree opening and closing design also endows the notebook with distinct personality. The fuselage is as light as 1.4kg and as thin as 17.9mm. It’s very convenient to carry when you put it in your backpack.

Lenovo thinkbook 14 equipped with this screen will not disappoint you. The 14 inch 1920×1080 resolution IPS screen has a frame design of only 5mm, with a screen proportion of 85% and a brightness of 300nit. It has 100% sRGB high gamut space and has passed the low blue light certification, providing you with bright colors, high color accuracy and clear display.

In terms of interface, Lenovo thinkbook14 is also quite rich in equipment. It has security keyhole, RJ45 gigabit network port, two usb3.2gen1 high-speed transmission interfaces and 4-in-1 card reader. In addition, there are earphone / microphone outlet, HDMI interface, lightning 4 interface and a full-featured type-C interface. In the same level, you can hardly find such a rich lightweight version of the interface.

Lenovo thinkbook14’s performance is not compromised because of its lightness. It is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation new core i7-1165g7 processor at the most. The content creation speed is increased by 2.7 times, the office efficiency is increased by more than 20%, and the game and live broadcast speed are increased by more than 2 times. There is also the mx450 graphics card that can “eat chicken” and “learn from the same family” with GTX Series graphics card. Both memory bits and hard disk bits support expansion, which is convenient for later upgrade. Whether it’s daily office learning, or video editing, design drawing, game entertainment, Lenovo thinkbook14’s hardware configuration can be better competent.

Lenovo thinkbook 14 provides three performance modes, using FN + Q to switch. The three performance modes are beast mode, intelligent mode and energy saving mode. Beast mode is suitable for large-scale software applications and professional creation; intelligent mode is more suitable for daily office and communication and cooperation needs; and energy-saving mode is suitable for you to go out when the power is insufficient.

Due to the limited volume of the internal space, heat dissipation is always a big problem. If the heat dissipation design is not good, it is easy to cause the hardware performance degradation because of the high internal temperature. In such a thin volume, Lenovo thinkbook 14 uses a large fan design, which is 50% larger than the previous generation. It can provide more wind power. With the dual heat pipe design, it can ensure the rapid heat dissipation.

Lenovo is one of the few companies that transplant AI to laptops. Thinkbook14 can support the latest AI noise reduction function, and realize the filtering of sound source noise with new intelligent AI algorithm. Both the built-in microphone and the external 3.5mm headset can realize the noise reduction function, and users can reduce the external interference when they communicate online and enjoy music.

As the equipment and tools of study and work, we carry notebooks to go out more frequently. Whether we go to the classroom, library or business, we should ensure portability and long-term performance. Lenovo thinkbook14 uses a 60whr super large capacity battery, which greatly improves the endurance of the notebook. It also supports fast charging, and the power can be recovered to 80% after one hour’s shutdown. The most favorite is the compact power adapter, which is convenient for you to better complete the “small” thing of charging.

In general, the advantages of Lenovo thinkbook14 are high appearance, high performance, lightweight and portable. In today’s homogenization of light and thin books, Lenovo not only focuses on the appearance design, but also on the pursuit of details, bringing excellent user experience. Such a long-term and strong light Ben is exactly what young people pursue. At present, it’s Lenovo’s promotion activities in the new school season, which give more benefits to the student party, and thinkbook14 also has many preferential activities. During the promotion period of the school season, 5999 yuan is available, and there are good gifts. Let’s learn more about other preferential activities!

By James



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