Tourism market is ready to pick up

After the implementation of the new policy for people from low-risk areas to enter Beijing, the search heat in the air ticket, hotel and B & b markets has increased, and the tourism market has further recovered.

According to the regulations, from 0:00 on March 16, personnel in low-risk areas can pass freely in the national area with the “green code” of the health code, without the need for nucleic acid test negative certificate. On March 15, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism also said that inter provincial, district and city team tourism should be opened in an orderly manner, and domestic team tourism business should be carried out in an orderly manner.

As soon as the news came out, the popularity of users visiting OTA platforms rose. According to the latest data from Ctrip, from 16:00 to 22:00 on March 15, the number of users visited by Ctrip app increased by 9% on March 14 and 14% on last week.

In addition, the same journey travel data also showed that within one hour after the news was released, the search volume of tickets to and from Beijing on March 16 on the same journey travel platform rose by 500% compared with the previous hour, with the search volume of tickets to Beijing being the majority.

The data shows that the routes with high search volume are mainly from Shanghai to Beijing, Chengdu to Beijing, Shenzhen to Beijing, etc.

On the other hand, the reservation mode of “accommodation before transportation” has become the choice of many tourists. Up to now, qunar data shows that the number of hotel bookings on May Day this year has exceeded that of the same period in 2019. Many traditional popular tourist destinations even have problems in hotel bookings. Many hotel rooms in Luoyang, Dali, Suzhou and other places are showing signs of inventory shortage.

Not only that, Beijing Business Daily reporter also noted that the B & B market is gradually warming up. According to airbnb survey data, 54% of respondents preferred to travel with their closest immediate family members. Airbnb also said that from the spring weekend, to the Qingming Festival holiday, and then to the May Day holiday, people plan to travel farther and farther.

At present, however, peripheral city tour, suburban tour and rural tour are still the mainstream before Qingming Festival, accounting for 73% of the total. After the Qingming Festival, people are more willing to go to “other cities in the province” in addition to surrounding tourism, which accounts for 49% of the total travel. When planning to travel on May Day, 51% of the people mainly choose “cities outside the province that are relatively close”, and more than 20% of the people are willing to travel to “cities outside the province that are relatively far away”.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the strategic research center of Ctrip Research Institute said that the implementation of the policy will drive the travel enthusiasm of Chinese people, further activate the kinetic energy of the tourism market, and boost the high-quality development of the tourism economy. It can be predicted that, in addition to local tourism and peripheral tourism, cross provincial tourism and self driving tourism may become the next new trend of tourism.

At the same time, the reunion will usher in a small peak. With the approaching of Qingming holiday and May Day holiday, family travel may become another hot spot. The tourism enthusiasm accumulated during the Spring Festival will be released, and tourism consumption is expected to usher in a new growth point.

Beijing Business News (reporter Guan Zichen, intern reporter Wu Qiyun)

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