What is find? Oppo said so

Enterprises are going through examinations every day, and ten years is a big one. For oppo, this year’s protagonist is the find X3 series. After the release of the new machine, we interviewed several persons in charge of the find product line, which also gave the outside world a deeper understanding of find.


Before we talk about find X3, let’s go back ten years. In 2011, oppo find came out, which is also the first year for me to enter the industry. At that time, the x903 came to the editorial department. Although it adopted the full keyboard design of minority side push, it did not attract many people’s attention. People talk more about Leonardo than about mobile phones.

In that era of intelligent revolution, the iPhone 4 is the new favorite for everyone. Samsung, HTC, Motorola and even Nokia are the focus of attention. Domestic mobile phones are exploring their own products among a number of overseas brands and numerous counterfeit phones. It is also from this year that oppo has injected the “exploration” gene into find.


In the past ten years, the find series has launched eight mobile phones. The very restrained product series has also made every generation a classic. The sideslip keyboard of the early x903 is to explore the interaction mode of the intelligent machine; finder represents the imagination of the intelligent machine to the extreme lightness; find 7 skyline breathing light explores the human touch of human-computer interaction, and opens the era of fast charging; find x is the work of restart, and also the exploration of mobile phone form integration and non porous.

Any generation of find has no dolls in design, which is not in line with oppo’s understanding of aesthetics. From the perspective of cost, reproducible design and mature technology can make enterprises more profitable, but this is not find. “Exploration” is the gene flowing in oppo find family. From this perspective, we can find that every generation of find follows the spirit of exploration.


Ten years later, we’ll have find X3 series, which is the inheritance of design language integration and non porosity, also carries the exploration of future design, is a kind of romantic technology; its full link 10bit is intended to promote the Android mobile camp to pay attention to color management as a whole, and promote the popularization of 10bit in combination with the network platform; the exploration of ltpo screen technology solves the contradiction between high screen brushing and endurance; the addition of micro lens Let mobile photography recall long lost fun.

It is true that the avant-garde “impossible surface” of find X3 is difficult to meet everyone’s aesthetic preferences, but from the perspective of enterprise innovation and self challenge, oppo chooses to go out of the comfort zone to explore an unknown field, which is obviously the driving force to promote the development of the industry. Some people don’t want to do the easy thing, some enterprises just want to do the right thing.


Within oppo, the meaning of find is to find the intersection of science and technology, humanities and art. In the hearts of consumers, find is the most successful series of domestic mobile phones and the symbol of the top flagship. How to build a flagship? This is a difficult problem. Some people say that making a mobile phone is a process of trade-offs. There are gains and losses in consideration of this, but oppo does not want to accept it. In the face of the limitations of thinness, configuration and structure, the choice of hardware inside the fuselage has to be considered. The solution of oppo is to make the experience impossible to choose through more investment in the software system.


“To be a flagship is an embodiment of comprehensive ability, not just a stack of top hardware,” said Dang xiongli, director of find product line When the spirit of exploration is applied to the product and the annual flagship is carefully tasted, oppo find X3 series can hold up the ideal work for ten years.



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