Intel 11th generation core price announced, up to 4699 yuan

&Yesterday, Intel officially announced its 11th generation of Intel Core s series desktop processors (code named “rocket lake-s”) and started pre-sale on major platforms.


It is reported that the following models are available for pre-sale on the platform, and the price has also been announced;

Intel i9-11900k: 4699 yuan

Intel i9-11900f: 3699 yuan

Intel i7-11700k: 2949 yuan

Intel i7-11700kf: 2749 yuan

Intel i7-11700f: 2349 yuan

Intel i5-11600kf: 1699 yuan

Intel i5-11500: 1599 yuan

Intel i5-11400: 1499 yuan

It is reported that i9-11900k has the highest 5.3GHz Rui frequency, and the core specification is 8-core 16 thread.

Author: Chen Zihong



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