Mexico or Wisconsin? Foxconn’s first auto factory will open this year

Driving China’s March 17, 2021 news, Foxconn, as a global foundry, has always maintained a close relationship with apple. The two are deeply bound, and we can even say without exaggeration: “all the winners and all the losers.”. I don’t know whether it’s the stimulation of Apple’s car building news, or whether Foxconn really has this intention. Recently, news about Foxconn’s cooperation with apple in car building has spread like wildfire.

Now it is said that it is still a rumor that Foxconn cooperated with apple to build cars, but Foxconn really wants to extend its business scope to the automobile field. According to Foxconn Chairman Liu’s reports that Foxconn and Wisconsin in Mexico are planning to build their own businesses in Yangzhou.


As for the specific location of the plant, Foxconn needs to consider the availability and cost of skilled labor and engineering talents, and will eventually choose Mexico or Wisconsin as its first auto factory. In addition, Mr Liu said Foxconn was working hard to finalize a joint venture agreement with Fiat Chrysler automobiles.

Of course, when it comes to Foxconn’s plant in Wisconsin, we can’t help thinking of the $10 billion 10.5-generation LCD screen manufacturing plant that Foxconn promised to build. According to Foxconn’s original idea, it was to spend $10 billion to build a 10.5-generation LCD screen maker in Wisconsin. Foxconn also promised to create 13000 jobs. In return, Wisconsin would provide up to $4 billion in tax relief.

Unfortunately, things have not gone in the direction expected. The 10.5-generation LCD screen factory, which was originally planned to spend 10 billion US dollars, has been reduced to a smaller 6-generation LCD screen factory. At the same time, Foxconn’s original promise to create 13000 jobs can not be implemented.

So this time Foxconn is going to build a car factory in Wisconsin. Will this be another “wolf” story? I think this is the focus of the American media and the people of Wisconsin.



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