The sales volume of intelligent toilet all in one machine increased 10 times in four years! The 5th Jingdong intelligent toilet Festival is waiting for you

Spring is the day of decoration, in order to create a comfortable, healthy and clean toilet, more and more people will include the intelligent toilet as a must buy option. According to the “2021 smart toilet online consumption trend report” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”) released by JD big data research institute and JD home, the sales volume of smart toilet in JD has achieved rapid growth. From 2017 to 2020, the sales volume of smart toilet cover has doubled, and the sales volume of smart toilet all-in-one machine (smart toilet) has increased 10 times! And 97.9% of the consumers who participated in the survey would recommend others to buy it! This spontaneous Amway behavior reflects that the smart toilet is really regretful when it is bought – regretting buying too late!

This spring, if you still lack a smart toilet in your bathroom, be sure to lock in the fifth JD smart toilet Festival, which will open on March 16! Panasonic and other nine brands launched super new products and popular models, each 1000 minus 100, superimposed 99 minus 50, 2000 minus 100 multiple Sheng Hui, and Jingdong home after 2020 send and install one of the “worry free” service, this time combined with “Jingdong service +” to upgrade and release the top ten service standards of bathroom installation, let you buy early and enjoy early!


Comfort of keeping pace with the times: sterilization, deodorant and touch free massage

The report shows that the sales volume of intelligent toilet in Jingdong has achieved rapid growth. In the four years from 2017 to 2020, the sales volume of intelligent toilet cover has doubled, and the sales volume of intelligent toilet all-in-one machine (intelligent toilet) has increased 10 times!


75.3% of the users bought the smart toilet because the toilet experience was more comfortable. This comfort, of course, is reflected in seat ring heating, warm water cleaning and warm air drying. In the past four years, the growth rate of female consumers’ purchase is 246% higher than that of men. Especially in winter and aunt period, warm intelligent toilets are more intimate than boyfriends. After a special year of 2020, the connotation of comfort also adds black technologies such as touch free, sterilization, deodorization and massage.


In this year’s JD smart toilet Festival, JD home will join hands with Panasonic, Toto, Haier, Jiumu, Hengjie, Xijian, sijimuge, Moen, Duravit and other well-known brands to provide users with super new products with health functions and keeping pace with the times.


Among them, the new intelligent toilet products of Jiumu, Moen and sijimuge all have the functions of induction flip, sterilization and antibacterial; Hengjie, Xijian and Toto Weixili, Duravit, Haier Weixi, Panasonic and Moen’s new products can automatically deodorize, make the toilet air fresh and make people feel happy; Moen’s new products also have spa massage function, so that you can have a massage when you go to the toilet, which is very intimate and comfortable.


Covering the needs of all age groups: from intelligent toilet cover to all in one machine

According to the report, consumers aged 36-45 are the pioneers of online shopping for smart toilets. With the popularity of smart toilets year by year, the main group of people who buy smart toilets is young and middle-aged people aged 26-35, and the proportion of people aged 16-25 and over 56 is also increasing year by year. This also means that with the continuous improvement of the national health concept and the demand for the quality of life, whether it’s the new house decoration of the post-90s, the improved house of the Post-70s and 80s, or the aging transformation of the post-50s and 60s, they all choose to carry out the “toilet revolution” with the intelligent toilet.


The demand of the whole age group gives birth to products with wider coverage and more comprehensive functions. Haier Weixi remote control intelligent toilet cover x3-m18u1, which is reversely customized by JD according to consumption data, has patented anti electric wall technology, instant heating, pre wetting before defecation, anti bacteria and deodorization, independent remote control, one button washing, multi-level temperature control, washing and drying at will and other functions, which can be described as “a product with three generations of needs fully met”.

Intelligent toilet cover products are suitable for upgrading and upgrading of decorated families. According to the report, the sales volume of intelligent toilet cover accounted for more than 60% in 2017, and then the sales volume of intelligent toilet all-in-one machine increased year by year, accounting for more than 70% in 2020. Therefore, the vast majority of the super new products of this year’s Jingdong intelligent toilet Festival are all in one machine, so that users can enjoy one step in place.

The report also disclosed that while the sales volume increased, the average unit price of the intelligent toilet decreased year by year – the unit price of the cover of the intelligent toilet decreased by 35% in the past four years, and the unit price of the integrated machine of the intelligent toilet decreased by 67%. This is closely related to the increasing product R & D and investment of brands.


Worry and effort saving service: the “worry saving installation” upgrade launched ten installation service standards

According to the report, high cost performance is the first factor for users to choose smart toilet brands, followed by well-known brands and supporting services. From the evaluation of consumers after shopping, convenient installation, big brand, easy to use, good quality, economic and practical become the most important keywords.

Therefore, in this year’s Jingdong smart toilet Festival, Jingdong home not only cooperates with nine brands to launch new products and popular models, but also strives to upgrade the service. After last year’s launch of the “worry free” service, Jingdong home also launched ten service standards for bathroom installation, including “four supports” including training system and logistics network, “four guarantees” including timeliness guarantee and compensation guarantee “, and” two specifications “of process and technology, to improve installation efficiency, shorten installation time and reduce rework Risk.


Go to Jingdong intelligent toilet Festival, place your favorite products, wait for installation, and open your new era of intelligent toilet!



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