Innovative Sound Blaster play! 4

Many people buy a good headset for thousands of yuan, but when they plug it into the computer to listen to music, it’s the same as boiled water. Don’t worry at this time. Maybe it’s not that you bought fake headphones, but that your computer’s “thrust” is not enough. At this time, no matter how good the headphones are, they can’t show the level they should be. How to solve this problem? The answer is to add a sound card. However, there is one DIY for desktop, but what about notebook? Don’t panic, USB sound card to understand, it is convenient to carry the characteristics, can follow the user in various occasions, but also plug and play, let users enjoy high quality music anytime and anywhere.

Today, I will bring you a very excellent USB sound card – innovative soundblasterplay! 4. This sound card not only has excellent sound quality, but also has many excellent features. Let’s take a look at it with me.

Innovative soundblasterplay! 4 can provide very high resolution, support high-resolution audio with 192Khz / 24 bit DAC, and provide clear audio with 100dB. In other words, this USB sound card can not only provide users with pure and high-resolution audio, but also promote the headphones of most users. Don’t worry that this sound card is not enough to promote the headphones in your hands.

The innovative soundblasterplay! 4 comes with a dual built-in EQ mode button that users can switch between dynamic EQ and bass gain by pressing. It is more suitable for users to listen to the bass mode of large-scale game, so that they can have a deeper experience of watching and playing. In dynamic EQ mode, the dynamic range of sound field and content will be expanded, so that users can hear the audio with considerable space, which is far beyond the sense of space brought by traditional stereo. Users can feel the extreme audio immersion. Even when they make a call, they can reduce call fatigue to a certain extent, so that you can work and have fun.

When it comes to calling, I believe that many users buy and use USB sound cards to better use the microphone on the headset to communicate with others, so the innovation soundblasterplay! 4 has made a lot of efforts in calling. The first is the environmental noise that bothers users. The noiseclean function of this sound card can reduce the static background noise at both ends of the conversation (incoming and outgoing audio), such as fans, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, etc., which are “familiar” to everyone. It can eliminate the noise better and provide a very comfortable conversation experience for both sides of the conversation.

At the same time, soundblasterplay! 4 is innovated, and the voice recognition function, voicedetect, can control the mute state of the microphone by voice detection when the user speaks. In short, the microphone will be automatically muted when the user stops speaking, and the microphone will be automatically unmuted when the user speaks, which can not only avoid the trouble caused by various additional sounds to the other party And avoid privacy leaks caused by extra sound.

When the user wants to manually control the mute and turn on of the microphone, the innovative soundblasterplay! 4 also provides a microphone mute button. When the user presses the mute button and the LED light is red, it means that the microphone is muted + voice recognition is disabled. When the LED light is off, it means that the microphone is not muted + voice recognition is enabled. At the same time, the innovation also provides smartcommskit software, which simplifies the way of online communication through a set of intelligent communication functions. It can also be used with earphones or earphones with microphones to give users a convenient experience.

The weight of the innovative soundblasterplay! 4 is also very light, only 8.3g, compared with the weight of an egg of 50g, which is not easy to be detected even if it is put into a pocket, so there is no problem to carry it anywhere. At the same time, users connect to the computer through the usb-c interface of this USB sound card. The innovation also provides a usb-c to usb-a adapter, which is convenient for users who do not have a usb-c computer. And the innovative soundblasterplay! 4 also has excellent compatibility, no matter the common windows and MacOS systems, or the PS4, switch and other hosts have no problems, even Android phones and iPad and other tablet computers can be used.

Overall, the innovative soundblasterplay! 4 is an excellent USB sound card. It has excellent volume and weight control, and it also has good analytical power, which can provide excellent physique. It also provides users with a lot of functions to make calls, so that users can get a comfortable call experience. Finally, the compatibility of this USB sound card makes it widely applicable to all kinds of devices. So if you have a similar demand recently or consider starting a USB sound card, then the innovation soundblasterplay! 4 is your best choice.



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