Hologram printing come true? This printer may come true

Recently, a researcher who used to work in the MIT lab crowdfunding a desktop 3D holographic printer on KickStarter, a crowdfunding platform. According to this printer, 3D stereo images can be produced, and even it looks mobile.

This holographic 3D printer is designed to enable users to make holograms in their own home. The volume of the whole product is only slightly larger than that of the home printer, and it can directly extract models from sketchfab, qlone or other 3D software and convert them into holograms. You can even take a pan video with your smartphone and print it out.

At present, the precision of the finished product is not high, but it has a good display effect. According to the designer of this product, the largest hologram can be printed at 4 × 5 inches, which can achieve a 45 degree field of view. When the viewer tilts the image, the hologram can move for a few seconds,

If this technology can be popularized, it can be applied to the field of 3D art. Although we don’t know how much interest ordinary people can have, maybe it is more suitable for small businesses or artists.

Author: yys


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