Unauthorized, minor overhaul of famous watch repair shop “Shanzhai” more

&In the watch maintenance market, the rights and interests of consumers and the reputation of brands are constantly challenged. On the morning of March 16, the 22 / F watch maintenance center of Beijing fu’er building, which was named by CCTV’s “3.15 evening party”, was closed down, while the authorization letter of “Hendry watch group” still hung on the wall of its store. Beijing Business Daily reporter investigation found that this authorization is not recognized by the old Hendry brand. Coincidentally, “Rolex official after-sales service”, “Patek Philippe official after-sales service center” and other words also frequently appear on the website that Zhengzhu brand side does not know, Zhengzhu clearly said “unauthorized”. In fact, watch maintenance depends entirely on technology. There is information asymmetry between Repairers and consumers, and false maintenance and minor overhaul can not be stopped.

False maintenance seized

Part of the watch maintenance center named by CCTV’s “3.15 party” has been closed down. Beijing Business Daily reporter found that the Chaoyang District market supervision and Administration Bureau of Beijing has sealed up the world famous watch maintenance center on the 22nd floor of Fuer building in Chaoyang District of Beijing on the morning of March 16.

The relevant person in charge of Beijing Chaoyang District market supervision and Administration Bureau said that after the qualitative treatment of the case, a notice will be issued as soon as possible. At present, the store only a front desk and a maintenance master in the store to deal with the relevant procedures of seizure.

For the follow-up problems, the shop assistant said that he would strengthen the rectification in the future, but he was uncertain about the specific measures and whether he would continue to operate. “Since last year’s epidemic, the boss has been basically indifferent to the business in the store, and the business in the store is discussed by several employees themselves. The store has been in a state of loss, which may also be the reason for the maintenance master’s fraud. “

Beijing Business Daily reporter saw in the obvious position of the store that there was a power of attorney granted by “Hendry Watch Group Co., Ltd.” to Beijing hengshida Sales Co., Ltd. from May 30, 2019 to May 29, 2029. Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from tianyancha app that the registered address of Beijing hengshida Sales Co., Ltd. is the world famous watch maintenance center on the 22nd floor of Fuer building, Chaoyang District. For further verification, the Beijing Business Daily reporter repeatedly called Beijing hengshida Sales Co., Ltd. to ask about the power of attorney, but the phone was not dialed.

On March 15, problems such as minor diseases, major repair, malicious damage and so on in the appraisal and maintenance of famous watches were exposed by CCTV’s “3.15 party”. Among them, the famous watch maintenance center on the 22nd floor of Beijing Fuer building identified the magnetic problem of the watch as a major problem requiring replacement. In fact, the problem of magnetization can be repaired free of charge with the demagnetizer.

Mr. Wang, who has worked in the watch maintenance industry for more than 50 years, told Beijing Business Daily that the watch maintenance industry, especially the famous watch maintenance industry, is prone to fraud, which is related to the technical characteristics of the industry. “The watch parts are small and precise, and the maintenance technology is difficult. The existing problems can only be heard from the maintenance personnel, and consumers know little about them.” So there is information asymmetry between the two sides, most of the time can only rely on the moral quality of maintenance personnel to restrict.

Mr. Wang further pointed out: “even some experienced maintenance personnel have malicious damage and replacement of parts, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to detect.”

As for the reason that “the replaced parts need to be returned to the factory and cannot be returned to the consumers” put forward by the businesses involved on March 15, Mr. Wang said bluntly: “there is no such saying in the watch maintenance industry. In principle, the replaced parts should be returned to the consumers. But the watch maintenance industry is lack of strong supervision and perfect industry norms. Some small maintenance centers have no clear requirements for the working years and qualifications of maintenance engineers. “

All over the place

Maintenance sites always have to do with authorization. The world famous watch maintenance center on the 22nd floor of Fuer building has the power of attorney of Hendry watch group. Another famous watch maintenance center in Huaxi International Center also claims to be the official authorized famous watch maintenance center of Hendry. The latter has been suspended due to fire maintenance problems.

In addition, Beijing Business Daily reporter investigation found that the market known as “Hendry” repair center everywhere. Only in the public comments app, there are five stores called Hendry watch maintenance.

However, the time-honored brand of Hengdeli, which has always been well known to the public, may have nothing to do with various shops in the market called Hengdeli maintenance center. It is understood that Beijing hendeli group was founded in 1957. Its business development direction is mainly the combined distribution of medium and high-end consumer goods, and its distribution brands involve LongQin, Tisuo, Mido, etc.

Beijing Business Daily reporter visited the Beijing hendeli store located in Wangfujing Department store. The clerk said that all official maintenance stores of Beijing hendeli can be found on shengshi.com, “the maintenance stores named hendeli are not authorized stores of Beijing hendeli group.”.

After reading the letter of authorization granted to Beijing hengshida Sales Co., Ltd. by Hengdeli Watch Group Co., Ltd., the staff of Beijing Hengdeli store in Wangfujing Department store said that this is not the authorization of Beijing Hengdeli brand. In addition, the staff of Beijing Hendry store located in danyao building in Wangfujing also verified the above statement to the reporter.

Beijing business daily noticed that the English name of Hendry brand in the power of attorney of Beijing hengshida Sales Co., Ltd. is “Hendry”, which is different from the English name of Beijing Hendry “Hengdeli”.

The relevant person in charge of Beijing Hendry group told Beijing Business Daily: “as early as 1957, when Hendry, a time-honored brand, was engaged in a public-private joint venture, due to debt and other problems, Hendry did not merge smoothly into a single enterprise, and they were all operated separately. Based on this, the trademark of the time-honored “Hendry” is in a state of common ownership. But it also makes some enterprises that have nothing to do with the time-honored “Hendry” take advantage of it. “

Zhao Zhanzhan, a lawyer from Zhilin law firm in Beijing, said that businesses using the name of “hendeli” for non time honored brand “hendeli” actually violated the first paragraph of Article 6 of the anti unfair competition law, that is, to use without authorization the same or similar marks as other people’s commodity names, packaging, decoration, etc. If the behavior of cheating consumers occurs, it will have a certain negative impact on the time-honored “Hendry” brand.

Principal denies “authorization”

Not limited to Hendry, most of the shops with famous watch maintenance on the market are not officially designated by the brand.

Beijing Business Daily reporter in the visit found that in the famous watch after-sales maintenance link, there is a difficult situation to distinguish between the true and false stores. Take Patek Philippe as an example. After searching Baidu for keywords such as “official after-sales service of Patek Philippe”, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that a large number of websites claiming to be official after-sales service were too numerous to see.

In a website calling itself “Patek Philippe’s official after-sales service center”, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that the after-sales service center has two repair stores in Beijing, which are respectively located in Xidan Joy City and Oriental Plaza. According to the customer service staff of the website, both stores are authorized by Patek Philippe, which can provide services such as cleaning and maintenance, movement repair and replacement of accessories. The reporter also learned that the maintenance center can not only repair Patek Philippe, but also repair Rolex and other brands. In the comments section of the social platform, many users mentioned that they had taken the watch to the store for repair and considered it an official repair point.

However, for the maintenance store claiming to be the authorized store of the brand, the brand does not buy it or admit it. As for Patek Philippe’s authorization, the customer service staff of Patek Philippe’s official website denied to Beijing business daily, saying that Patek Philippe’s official maintenance store is located in Qianmen East Street, which is the only one. At the same time, Rolex official website customer service staff, Rolex in Beijing designated maintenance store is only one, located in the century wealth center. The staff of the two brands stressed to reporters: the brand has not authorized the maintenance of watches to any stores.

At the same time, there is a big difference in the maintenance price between the brand repair shop and the unofficial repair shop. The staff of Rolex official maintenance center told Beijing Business Daily that the watch inspection is free, and the charging price depends on the specific situation of the watch, which is about 3000-6000 yuan. If the repair of the watch is complicated, it may take 15-30 days.

Compared with real stores, fake stores attract customers with low prices. The customer service staff of the website, which calls itself “Patek Philippe official after-sales service center”, said that if you take Rolex to Beijing store for maintenance, you can enjoy a discount of 8.8%, and you can also repair it on weekends. Although the website does not give a detailed price list, the discount is also enough to attract attention.

A person in the industry told Beijing Business Daily: “unofficial authorized stores attract customers by claiming that the price is preferential or misleading consumers as official stores. However, in the process of maintenance, they often increase extra charges or create other problems out of nothing. Because of the lack of official supervision and brand image, minor overhaul and parts replacement are very serious. When consumers encounter fraud, they should also go to the relevant departments for complaints or give bad comments on the consumption platform at the first time, so as not to let such behaviors go to nothing. “

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhao Yuwei he Qian

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