“2021 China data capitalization tool Market Research Report” officially released today

As early as five years ago, the slogan that data is the “new oil” of the 21st century has been resounding throughout the industry.

In April 2020, for the first time, “data”, together with land, labor, capital and technology, will be listed as five production factors in China, and it is proposed to “accelerate the cultivation of data factor market and improve the market-oriented allocation mechanism of data factors”. As the main body of the market, how to give full play to the value of data elements in the era of data explosion, and really bring practical help to their own development, has become a major issue in the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

At present, the importance of data elements has penetrated into the enterprise, but in the process from data elements to data capitalization, enterprises are faced with many problems: how to collect data elements, how to store and guarantee data security, how to process and analyze data, how to establish the whole process management process of data elements, and how to play the value of data assets to drive the decision after the formation of data assets How to realize the realization of data assets? How to give play to the core value of data assets

In order to analyze these problems in depth and promote the healthy development of China’s enterprise data asset management tool market, hibby Research Institute, China software network and China Software Industry Association officially launched the 2021 China data asset management tool Market Research Report after many visits and investigations. On March 18, the 2021 China data capitalization Tools Market Research Report release forum was successfully held in Shangri La Hotel, Beijing. Many industry experts were invited to attend the forum to analyze the background, development process, typical tools, industry overview, technical level, market scale, competition pattern and other aspects of data capitalization, and draw a picture of data capitalization It has a bright future.

01. Data element asset package will appear soon

Since the 1990s, data capitalization tools have been providing basic data analysis means such as data storage and query for enterprises. With the rapid development of Internet in Chinese market, as well as the maturity and application of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the digital level of Chinese enterprises has been continuously improved. In the current trend of continuous integration of digitization and intellectualization, the demand for user data analysis and data decision-making has exploded in an all-round way, leading to the emergence of all kinds of data capitalization tools.

Cao Kaibin, President of China software network and Haibi Research Institute, said in his speech that data elements and data assets are the current hot topics and the important direction of the industry. In the process of investigation and research, hibby Research Institute found that there are two problems in this market. First, many users don’t know what kind of process data capitalization is; second, users don’t know what kind of tools each link needs. To this end, the original intention of this report is to form a clearer understanding of data capitalization and related tools through systematic carding and analysis, so as to enable the healthy development of the industry.

In view of the future direction of data elements, habi Research Institute proposed that with the continuous improvement of enterprise digitization level, the accumulation of enterprise data element resources is gradually increasing, prompting enterprises to integrate and manage these massive data elements to give play to the value of data elements, thus expediting the process of data capitalization. In the process of data capitalization, enterprises need a large number of tools to integrate the whole process of data elements, form data element asset package, and then achieve unified management, use and sales realization.

02. Enterprise data elements enter the stage of data capitalization

The development of data elements has experienced four stages: start-up, growth, transformation and integration. The demand of enterprises for data elements is different in each stage. The initial stage is to meet the basic data storage and query function of enterprises, while the growth stage is to meet the data analysis and processing, and the transformation stage is to pay more attention to the needs of business data. When the data elements enter the integration stage, the user needs are divided into intelligent decision-making and data capitalization and management realization.

In the data asset formation stage, the biggest feature is to integrate the data from different sources in the past, and integrate the source data, data collection, storage, analysis, management and application into a whole, so as to form a data asset package based on the data resources of the enterprise / institution.

The whole process integration of data elements is called data capitalization, and all the software products and services needed in the process of data capitalization, such as source data, data collection, storage, processing and application, are collectively referred to as data capitalization tools.

Data capitalization tools include all software products and services of end users in the process of data element management. There are typical tools in each value chain of data capitalization, such as database and data warehouse for data storage, user analysis platform for data processing, and data center and Bi for decision application.

Song Tao, research director of Hibi Research Institute, said that according to the report, China’s data capitalization market will reach 28 billion yuan in 2020, with a compound growth rate of 41% in the next five years. At present, the overall development of the data element market has entered a period of change, and the future data capitalization and management realization will usher in a period of development opportunities.

From the perspective of tool providers, data storage and data collection capabilities of manufacturers are recognized by users as the two most mature. However, in terms of the integration degree of advanced technologies such as predictive analysis and machine learning, there is a big difference between the supply and demand sides. This shows that the higher demand of users in advanced technology has not been met, which is the topic that manufacturers should pay attention to in the future development.

03. The data capitalization tool market is booming

OLAP & amp; Alibaba cloud intelligent database product division of Alibaba group; Cai Dongzhe, product director of ecological tools and senior product expert, said in the keynote speech that with the acceleration of digital transformation, the data source, storage, processing and growth rate of enterprises have changed greatly, and the traditional data analysis system is facing great challenges in terms of cost, scale and data diversity. Based on the evolution trend of “database big data integration”, alicloud has launched a cloud native data analysis system with the core of cloud native data warehouse analyticdb and cloud native data Lake analysis DLA, which helps enterprises speed up the business intellectualization in the era of digital native.

Huang Zhigang, general manager of platform products division of Neusoft software products division, believes that data standardization, process standardization, intelligent supervision, data capitalization and governance normalization are the evaluation criteria for realizing the value-added of data and the ability of data asset management tools. According to these five standards, Neusoft has formed a characteristic data management system of collection, management, use and evaluation. Neusoft provides the ability of data opening, which can help users enjoy the value of data assets better and faster.

Jia Xishun, general manager of smart government products and Services Department of percentile technology group, shared the title of “application and value of knowledge map in data governance”. The core technologies of science and technology innovation, such as dynamic knowledge mapping and natural language processing, have strong knowledge representation and dynamic ontology construction capabilities, can support massive data high-performance quasi real-time processing and exploratory data analysis, quickly build data analysis and application services, effectively improve big data analysis and accurate governance capabilities, and provide intelligent decision support for the government industry.

Mingtu technology, founded in 2014, is a professional target big data manufacturer in China. Xiao Xuesong, President of the company, has many years of experience as a product manager. He said that from the perspective of data application, the content of decision-making services can be defined as work objective management of big data and intelligent services. At present, mingtu has independently developed a professional work objective management platform, objective performance management system, supervision management system, key project management system and other product solutions, which are applied in e-government construction, enterprise management, industry innovation and other fields.

From the perspective of demand, large and medium-sized enterprises / institutions, especially the Internet, government, finance, medical, manufacturing and education industries, are the main buyers in the market.

Growingio is a new generation of business growth platform based on user data and a leading data operation solution provider in China. Growingio provides product analysis, intelligent operation, advertising analysis and other products and consulting services for product, operation, market, data teams and managers, so as to optimize product experience, improve operation efficiency, improve advertising effect, and help enterprises drive growth with accurate and efficient data.

Beijing micro financial era RDP report development platform is easy to operate. Just click and drag analysis indicators, the system can automatically generate the required reports, which greatly facilitates users’ data analysis and operation, and effectively helps scientific decision-making.

The representative of logbook easy said that in financial institutions, business application systems generate massive log data every day. Now through the whole process data governance of logbook easy, data can be statistically analyzed, and the operation and maintenance efficiency is greatly improved.

In view of the characteristics of traditional retail channel management, such as difficult management and control, dense hierarchy and large quantity, Guanyuan data helps users build a data platform to analyze the key sales indicators of various channels, and realize the digital integration and connectivity between the distribution system and the brand headquarters.

04. Prepare for the implementation of data value

In the round table forum, Cao Kaibin, President of China software network and Haibi Research Institute, Mu Yong, head of the opening Department of Beijing big data center, and a number of industry experts discussed the development status, problems and solutions of data capitalization tools.

Participants believed that under the background of the development of digital economy, data flow, circulation and large-scale application put forward more professional requirements for data processing, and the division of labor in the market will become more and more detailed. The path from data to data resources and from resources to assets is still very long, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in current tools and methods. In order to promote data circulation, the government can rely on planned economy and mandatory use; between enterprises and society, it depends on data transaction, and the tools needed in these aspects also need to be further developed.

Next, the development of data capitalization tools will pay more attention to the application of new technologies such as blockchain. At the same time, data capitalization tools will not be limited to the data processing itself, but also need to get through with the business architecture. Tool manufacturers build a complete ecosystem from customer application scenarios, continuously strengthen the industrialization, and provide composite services including consulting, which will become the key elements to measure their competitiveness.

In addition, data security and privacy protection are concerned by all parties, and the state has taken measures in industrial guidance and legislation, which will effectively promote the orderly flow of data and drive more data values to achieve full implementation.

In addition to the report release, keynote speech and round table forum, the forum also opened up network live broadcast, market research channel, demand docking and other contents. Habi Research Institute said that whether it’s the new mode and new business form represented by online education, smart health care and live delivery, or the government service of “let the data run more and the masses run less errands”, data has been integrated into all aspects of social development. It is hoped that this digital capitalization report will become a new starting point for the development of the industry, drive more resources, increase the value analysis of data assets, promote the efficient selection of tools, and effectively implement data resource management and cash flow.

Author: Deng Qingwen

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