Theme park opens, Nintendo is ambitious

After nearly four years of waiting, the new theme area of “universal Nintendo world”, Osaka Universal Studios, Japan, has finally officially opened. Recently, Nintendo has increased its power in the new layout. In addition to the opening of “Super Nintendo World”, there are also voices that Nintendo plans to rely on new switch models and a series of new games to set a new annual sales record in the future. It can be found that although Sony ps5 and Microsoft Xbox series X / s are around, Nintendo’s gold ambition is still unabated.

Frequent exposure of new actions

Since March, one after another information related to Nintendo has been exposed, making Nintendo instantly in the spotlight. In particular, since 2017, the construction of “Super Nintendo World” has been started and nearly four years of preparations have been made. Since March 18 was determined as the opening date 10 days ago, it has naturally become the focus of all parties.

Early in the morning of March 18, the video of the opening of “Super Nintendo World” spread rapidly on the Internet and became more and more popular. According to the data of microblog platform, the heat of the topic “Super Nintendo World” first rose to a small peak at 8:00 on the same day, and then reached the peak at 13:00 on the same day, with the heat value reaching 587248. As of 19:00 on March 18, the reading volume of the topic “Super Nintendo World” has reached 18.245 million.

The reason why Nintendo has attracted attention recently is not just “Super Nintendo World”.

Just at the beginning of this month, foreign media reported that Nintendo has begun to test the new switch secretly, and the new switch is named switch pro, and will use Samsung OLED screen, not only the size is larger than the launched switch, but also the resolution will be improved.

Just as the players are excited and suspicious about this news, Nintendo’s component suppliers, software publishers and retailers have disclosed a message related to switch pro, saying that Nintendo plans to launch switch Pro host before the end of March 2022, which will help keep the sales of switch host unchanged or slightly increased compared with the original. With the exposure of this news, the rumored Nintendo new host plan has added more authenticity.

Whether it’s the opening of “Super Nintendo World” or the launch plan of switch pro, it can be seen that Nintendo is driving its own influence through a variety of ways and is full of desire to gain more market share. As for Nintendo’s layout plans in the next year, Beijing business daily contacted Nintendo, but as of press release, there was no response.

Strong enemy surrounded

It is undeniable that with the launch of switch and many games, Nintendo won a lot of players, and thus formed a large competitiveness in the game market. However, switch has been on the market for many years. At the same time, Sony, Microsoft and other companies launched new host computers one after another last year, and made the brand of “high performance”. Nintendo is also facing the challenge of strong enemies.

“Although the overall scale of the game market is large, mobile games still occupy more space. Although the market scale of console games has maintained sustainable development, compared with mobile games, the market is still relatively small. Sony and Microsoft launched a new host in the same year, which is bound to increase competition with Nintendo. ” Game industry analyst Zhao Yong said.

According to the “global game market report 2020” released by Jiaochuan research, due to the substantial growth of home-based people, the total size of the world game market in 2020 is about 174.9 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year growth of 19.6%. In various segments, the market size of mobile games reaches 86.3 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year growth of 25.6%. The total size of PC market is 37.4 billion US dollars, with a growth rate of only 6.2%, while the total size of the host market is only 6.2% It has reached US $51.2 billion, with a year-on-year increase of about 20%.

However, when Sony and Microsoft are pushing new hosts, they both have insufficient production capacity, which inevitably affects the actual sales of products, but also gives Nintendo a buffer time. Last year, the hot game of animal crossing, fitness ring adventure and so on, let Nintendo get objective sales.

According to VGC’s total sales data of each host in February this year, among the next generation hosts, ps5 hosts sold more than 5.8 million, while Xbox series sold more than 3.8 million. Nintendo switch’s sales growth during this period was much higher than that of ps5 and Xbox series.

In Zhao Yong’s view, although Nintendo’s switch sales are still in a high growth, the product has been launched for many years. As Sony and Microsoft adopt high-performance hosts to restore production capacity supply and show stronger game experience effect, it will bring more fierce market competition to Nintendo.

Double enhancement of game products

The challenge is inevitable, but Nintendo has set a higher goal for itself at this time.

A few days ago, it was reported that Nintendo’s suppliers, software distributors and retailers disclosed that, benefiting from the introduction of OLED version, Nintendo hopes to achieve the same or slightly higher sales of switch game console in the fiscal year ending March 2022, and achieve record sales of software and switch game console in the next year. This is contrary to previous analysts’ forecasts, who had expected Nintendo’s game console and software sales to decline in the next fiscal year.

Mr. Wu, a senior player, told Beijing Business Daily that with the improvement of various technologies, Nintendo switch has indeed entered a period in which products need to be optimized, especially after the ps5 and Xbox series X / s can achieve better game picture and experience, which is bound to affect the player’s evaluation of switch.

It is worth noting that Nintendo president Toshiro Guchuan once said in an interview, “Nintendo is also thinking about the life of switch, and switch can be used as both a traditional home host and a handheld. Therefore, there is a lot of room for innovation, and we can extend the life cycle of switch by relying on game content.”.

In terms of game content, Nintendo has indeed started to lay out. A month ago, Nintendo just held a face-to-face meeting and disclosed the latest information of more than 20 games, including “Nintendo star fight special edition”, “Monster Hunter: Rise”, “Legend of Zelda: Sword of the sky HD”, “MII Utopia”, “doomsday club” and “unparalleled 5”.

Li Jie, a researcher at the digital cultural and creative industry think tank, believes that the optimization of game content and switch in terms of product technology is indispensable. Only by combining the two can it bring stronger impetus and make Nintendo continue to gain a firm foothold in the market.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng Rui

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