Xiaomi Shangxin: 1.5 pieces of natural wind gilt edition of Mijia air conditioner only costs 2499 yuan

The gold-plated version of the natural wind of MI Jia air conditioner will be launched on March 23, with a price of 2499 yuan for 1.5 pieces and 3599 yuan for 2 pieces. I have to say that this kind of air conditioner is really cheap.


1.5 is more than enough for most bedrooms. If you want to install it in the living room, you can consider 2 pieces.


The appearance of this air conditioner is also very good, especially the use of gilt design, looks very noble, very high-grade.

In terms of performance, this air conditioner has passed a new level of energy efficiency certification, saving energy and electricity. The first level energy efficiency and 1.5 awesome air conditioners can achieve 2499 yuan.

Author: Zhang Fan



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