Free from household chores, cloud whale lets you “say goodbye to dust and have love freely”

When it comes to housework, in the past, the burden often fell on women’s shoulders, but this seemingly simple thing is often very complicated and painstaking. Today’s society tends to be equal between men and women, but the trivial housework is still a headache.

It is tiktok, the smart cleaning brand whale whale cut into the details of household troubles. When the 38 women’s day came, I launched the theme of “shaking the voice”, I wanted home furnishing free theme activities, and also set up five grand awards, bringing everyone different joy and surprise, and also launched user interaction on the whole platform.


At present, more than 60000 loyal whale fans have participated in this activity, accumulating over 100 million video clicks. The pre-sale of cloud whale in this tmall 3.8 Queen’s Day is also very hot. The first round of pre-sale has been sold out, and now it has been added to the inventory urgently.

For this activity, cloud whale has also prepared Q Meng’s interesting video special effects sticker “I want to stay free” for users, which vividly shows that people generally don’t want to move at home, especially they don’t want to be bothered by housework. With the help of the automatic mopping robot “Moby Dick”, the mess in the home is cleaned in good order.


The bloggers who participated in this theme shooting even started their own brain holes and brought all kinds of interesting plot videos to you. The blogger @ Cong makes trouble for his father to do damage to his good daughter, who works hard to clean the house. After wishing to get “Moby Dick”, the garbage is quickly eliminated. He can’t help but give a thumbs up to praise “Ollie Gei”; Mei Zhen’s younger sister and the couple are not happy because of who does the housework. After exclaiming that it’s better to ask for “opportunity” than others, they get help from “Moby Dick” and solve the housework perfectly, The two go to dinner together to ease family conflicts; @ fleshy little pear’s boyfriend forgets his birthday? No, he secretly uses “little white whale” to help with the housework and prepares gifts. Their love remains the same.


On Weibo ,@vivi Keaido was interviewed by Yunjing and shared the view that “no one will be happy if mother is unhappy”. As a female user, she proposed that housework can be handed over to Yunjing, and mother doesn’t have to be “sacrificed”. “Moby Dick” not only creates super innovative intelligent products for users, but also pays more attention to users’ inner needs and accompanies users to say goodbye to dust and have love in their hearts.


From the video of this activity, we can see that housework is still a trouble for many people today with the rapid development of society. It can make people feel bad, and even make family members have conflicts. “Moby Dick” directly cuts everyone’s housework pain points, and takes the lead in grabbing users’ wisdom with a number of exclusive patent designs, such as “automatic back washing, deep cleaning”, “triangle mop deep decontamination”, “10N down pressure, simulated hand cleaning” and “independent base station design, tow and sweep dual mode”, which has won wide praise.

Cloud whale’s intelligent mopping robot “Moby Dick” with excellent product strength, once sold out in several sales nodes. As a “Moby Dick” who has won the 2020 “time” best product of the year award, and appeared in more than 200 overseas and domestic media, such as the daily mail, CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV, Singapore Lianhe Zaobao, Japanese home appliance watch, this performance seems to be expected. However, cloud whale does not stick to its current achievements, but looks to the future and broadens its development layout. Whether in this year’s market or in the future, cloud whale plans to adhere to the concept of “building for your freedom and love” and create a more reliable intelligent ideal life mode for consumers, so that users can “be free and have love” from life to heart.



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