Further integration of Microsoft 365, Microsoft teams and box

On March 19, according to foreign media reports, box, a cloud storage provider, is strengthening its integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft teams to make it easier for users of these platforms to access and collaborate on content.

For example, this integration enables box notifications to be displayed directly in Microsoft teams, so users can see any important updates of their work content in the platform. Box said it will further expand the integration later in the spring, so the box experience will be more deeply embedded in Microsoft teams.

The enhancements will enable new features, such as creating, sharing and opening box files, and then editing them in Microsoft teams, box said. Varun Parmar, box’s chief product officer, said: ‘this gives box users the flexibility to access resources from productivity packages such as Microsoft 365, Google workspace and apple Iwork.’

When it comes to security, box revealed that it is adding a new integration to enable the import of Microsoft information protection category tags and the use of box shield to perform any related inline security controls. The feature is expected to be available in May.

According to chinasoft.com, the two companies have also launched new integration between box and Microsoft office online, including increasing support for Excel and PowerPoint file sizes, which support files up to 50 MB and 1 GB respectively. Parmar said that the collaboration on files of various sizes enables box to better support customer business processes.

At the same time, this new enhancement will ensure that data is processed and stored only on certified platforms, enabling full compliance when using box on Microsoft office online.

China software net also understands how box will continue to implement its cloud vision and growth strategy in the future. Its goal is to achieve convenient cloud migration of data by enterprises with the help of their recording system. For example, box has similar integration with some of Google’s productivity tools and services, and its recently improved box shuttle service can help companies easily move large amounts of content to the cloud.

Author: Chen Yang

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