Professional doctor’s mobile phone inquiry Dingdang fast medicine makes it easy for users to see a doctor at home

The short Spring Festival holiday is over, but the epidemic situation has not completely subsided. Masks, alcohol and other epidemic prevention materials are daily necessities of the people. Dingdang express medicine makes use of its own platform advantages to continuously protect the national and enterprise anti epidemic protection. Even in the past Spring Festival, the professional doctors, pharmacists and delivery brothers of Dingdang express medicine insist on their posts, To provide users with mobile phone consultation, medicine purchase and epidemic prevention goods delivery on-site service.

It is reported that Dingdang express medicine service covers many cities in China, with professional service ability and C-terminal touch ability. It is highly recognized by consumers for its core advantages such as “one minute free mobile phone consultation, 28 minutes medicine delivery home”. As an internet medical + pharmaceutical enterprise, Dingdang fast medicine always adheres to the purpose of serving the health of the people, constantly starts from the needs of users, serves users, and strives to create a “medical + drug + Inspection + insurance” health ecological layout, so as to better meet the health needs of patients.

专业医生手机问诊 叮当快药让用户足不出户轻松看病

Under the influence of the “Internet plus” trend, Internet medicine and Internet healthcare have maintained steady and linear development in recent years. Dingdang fast medicine has established professional health service ability and C-terminal access ability with mobile phone consultation and drug purchase as the entry points, and quickly won a large number of users.

After users place orders through the app, licensed pharmacists will conduct online consultation for patients through the platform, and provide safe medication guidance. Meanwhile, professional delivery personnel will deliver drugs free of charge within 28 minutes. In addition, the use of professional distribution process Dingdang safety intelligent temperature control medicine box, better ensure the whole process of professional and safe, widely praised by users.

A user of Dingdang reported that the payment was successful at 9:58 p.m. and the medicine was delivered at 10:03 p.m. for the efficient delivery service of Dingdang express

专业医生手机问诊 叮当快药让用户足不出户轻松看病

Not only that, users place orders in Dingdang express. If it’s in the morning, there will be a love breakfast accompanied by the medicine, even if you just buy a bottle of white flower oil!

专业医生手机问诊 叮当快药让用户足不出户轻松看病

With the extension of the “front” of epidemic prevention, users of chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other long-term medication are worried about cross infection, which makes it inconvenient to run to the hospital frequently, and they are facing the problem of “difficult to continue medication”. To this end, Dingdang express specially launched the “chronic disease protection plan”, which provides users with free online follow-up prescription review and 28 minute contact free anxinta service, effectively solving the problem of “difficult drug renewal” for chronic disease population. In addition, Dingdang also took the lead in launching online payment service for medical insurance in Shenzhen, where local citizens can enjoy real-time medical insurance settlement for online drug purchase. For Dingdang, the epidemic is not an east wind, but a catalyst. But for users under the epidemic, Dingdang fast medicine is the real east wind!



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