Profile of Xiaomi notebook Pro: how thin is it with RTX 3050ti?

Today, the official micro blog of Xiaomi notebook officially announced the appearance of the left side of Xiaomi notebook pro. You can see that the side of the machine is very thin, with a usb-c and headphone interface on the left. Official said: new high-end big work, Xiaomi notebook pro, new mold, new technology, the performance of this thin surprise, will be as you wish.

小米笔记本Pro侧照:搭载RTX 3050Ti竟这么薄?

Previously, the suspected configuration information of the machine appeared in geekbench database: equipped with 11 generation core H35 processor and RTX 3050ti graphics card. The rtx3050ti graphics card has 2540 stream processors and 4GB gddr6 memory. The traditional performance is expected to be equivalent to that of gtx1660ti. The machine is likely to be launched with Xiaomi 11pro next month

Author: Chen Muliang



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