AWS launches S3 object lambda service

Danilo Portia, chief evangelist of AWS, explains why some users want to do this: “for example, when customers analyze this information to understand trends, e-commerce application datasets may contain a lot of unneeded personally identifiable information. In this case, the dataset should be modified. However, if the company intends to use this data for personalized marketing activities, it may want to enrich the information with the personal details of each customer. “

For this reason, customers must try their best to modify the data sets of different applications. They can create, store and maintain a separate derived replica of the dataset, and provide their own custom replica for each application that uses the dataset. They can also build and manage an infrastructure agent layer before S3 service to intercept and process data according to the requirements of each application. Portia believes that both options are not ideal because they add complexity and cost.

‘with the S3 object lambda, customers can add their own code to the S3 get request to modify and process the data when it is returned to the application,’ explains Portia. For the first time, customers can use custom code to modify the data returned by standard S3 get request to filter rows, dynamically adjust image size, revise confidential data and so on.

China software network has seen that S3 object lambda relies on AWS lambda function to automatically process the output of each request, which is a server free computing service without user management of basic computing resources.

The S3 object lambda can be used in multiple scenes. In addition to editing personal identifiable information, customers also want to convert data into different formats, such as XML to JSON, use information from other services or databases to add data, or compress or decompress files when downloading applications.

China software network understands that the S3 object tool lambda is applicable to all public AWS regions except AWS Asia Pacific (Osaka), AWS govcloud (USA), AWS China (Beijing) operated by Xinwang and AWS China (Ningxia) operated by nwcd.

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