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[pconline information] chrome is the most popular browser and one of the best comprehensive experience browsers, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In terms of resource utilization, chrome has fallen into the name of “memory killer”, just like the classic block diagram below.

Now, the good news! According to windows lastest, the new version of chrome 89 will enable a feature called “partition alloc everywhere”, which can greatly reduce the memory consumption of chrome.

In fact, chrome has enabled “partition alloc everywhere” in previous internal tests. According to the official statement, chrome 89 also has better tab restrictions, better resource discarding and management functions. These mechanisms will improve the operation mode of chrome on win10, including reducing memory utilization, faster web page loading speed, and better processor power consumption management.

The focus of “partition alloc everywhere” is to bring more advanced memory allocators, which can reduce Chrome’s browser process memory usage by as much as 22%. In addition, Google also said that the memory required for the browser’s render was reduced by 8%, and the memory required for the GPU was reduced by 3%.

Chrome 89 also brought a small amount of memory consumption of the front tab off the shelf. In order to reduce the memory consumption of foreground tabs, chrome can now automatically discard the resources of foreground tabs, and each tab can free up to 100m of memory consumption. If the tabs open some popular websites, the data will increase by 20%.

In addition to performance improvements, chrome 89 also brings support for modern share UI, which means that it is more convenient to share web pages with other installed applications in win10, such as outlook, OneNote, and so on. Users can even notify the modern share UI to share their web pages with other nearby devices using Bluetooth and WiFi.

Chrome shares web pages through modern share UI

These improvements mentioned above will come with chrome 89, and Google has tested more new features. In the future, chrome will have other improvements. For example, Google plans to clean the thread cache regularly in the child processes of chrome, which is based on each thread and can improve the overall performance of GPU rendering and efficiency.

Author: Aimo


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