Lei Jun suggests: helping the elderly integrate into digital life

The penetration of Internet intelligence into life, especially in the context of aging population, has intensified the difficulties and challenges of digital life for the elderly. In recent years, with the Internet plus pension campaign, we have accumulated social experience and further strengthened the top-level design.


Lei Jun proposed how to use intelligent technology to help the elderly better integrate into digital life?

1. Promote digital services for the elderly into the national information infrastructure construction as soon as possible;

2. Guide the establishment of intelligent technology aging standard system;

3. Promote the integration and development of intelligent technology suitable for the old and emerging industries;

4. To guide and encourage the whole society to jointly promote the promotion of smart technology for the elderly;

On the course of the anti epidemic, the county hospital undertakes the arduous task. In the post epidemic era, there is a lot of room to improve the county medical system. This paper puts forward some suggestions on digital empowerment and county medical prevention. 【TOM】



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