What are the disadvantages of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaner is a common cleaning tool in daily life, which many families have bought. People will consider the disadvantages of vacuum cleaners before using them. What are the disadvantages of vacuum cleaners? What are the brands of vacuum cleaners on the market? Today we’re going to talk about vacuum cleaners.

1、 What are the disadvantages of vacuum cleaners

1. Single function

Traditional vacuum cleaners have large nozzles and thick suction rods. If we want to clean some narrow places, it is likely to be more difficult. There are also some traditional vacuum cleaner suction head is too thick, we simply have no way to go deep into the cabinet, bed and other parts for cleaning. So now the traditional vacuum cleaner function is more single, this is also a big disadvantage.

2. Inconvenient cleaning

When we clean the traditional vacuum cleaner, we should clean six parts, including the suction port, the whole body, the filter screen, the air inlet of the filter screen, and the connection, etc. The whole process is more complicated, the cleaning process makes people fidgety, so the traditional vacuum cleaner cleaning inconvenience is also a big disadvantage.

3. It’s too noisy

The working mode of traditional vacuum cleaner relies on the negative pressure of vacuum to inhale dust and garbage. Because its working mode is the high-speed operation of electric fan, it is bound to produce a lot of noise, and the noise of traditional vacuum cleaner is high-frequency noise, so it is inevitable that we will feel uncomfortable, which is also a big disadvantage of traditional vacuum cleaner.

2、 Brand recommendation of vacuum cleaner

1. Philips

Founded in the Netherlands in 1891, Philips Electronics (China) Investment Co., Ltd., one of the largest electronic companies in the world, is familiar with Philips’s electrical appliances. Its quality is quite good, and the product reputation of vacuum cleaners is also very good.

2. Panasonic Panasonic

Founded in Japan in 1918, it is one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, world brands, large multinational companies, and one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, Panasonic electric (China) Co., Ltd. Panasonic Electric is a Japanese brand, which has been well known in China for many years, and we can also consider this brand.

3. Haier

Started in 1984, it is a world-class household appliance brand, one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, Haier Group Company, and Haier Electrical appliances. Everyone will have one or two Haier products at home.

It can be seen that there are many brands of vacuum cleaners on the market, such as Philips, Panasonic, Haier and so on. The product performance and after-sales service are more guaranteed. In addition, the vacuum cleaner has many advantages, but also many disadvantages, such as single function, inconvenient cleaning, etc. it is recommended that people buy it after comprehensive consideration.

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