Small scale whole house intelligent solution released, simpler, more active and more efficient

The real whole house intelligence is not only the hardware networking, but also the intelligent assistant service in the whole family scene. At the spring new product launch of Xiaodu “wake up + ∞” on March 18, Xiaodu’s all house intelligent solution made a big debut. With small assistant as the core technical ability, the whole house intelligent solution integrates the interaction layer, scene layer and equipment layer, and is committed to creating a simpler, more active and more warm intelligent family life experience for users.

The original intention of Xiaodu to build the whole house intelligence is to give full play to the voice and multimodal interaction skills of Xiaodu assistant, and let users enjoy the ubiquitous intelligent assistant service at home with the solution of software and hardware integration. The interaction layer is equivalent to the top-level design of small degree whole house intelligence, and the voice interaction ability with small degree assistant as the core can realize intelligent control. Based on intelligent control, Xiaodu whole house intelligent provides intelligent lighting, intelligent security, intelligent health and other scene services that better understand the needs of users. And open ecological cooperation at the equipment level, and jointly enable hardware equipment with more brand partners in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

The advantages and precipitation of AI technology in the interaction layer determine that the small house intelligent solution has more advanced interaction logic and more diversified interaction forms. As of January this year, the monthly interaction times of small assistant were 7.5 billion, an increase of 838% compared with June 2018. The use continued to explode, providing users with continuously optimized interaction experience. Based on the voice interaction ability of the small assistant, users can use the small intelligent screen / speaker at home to make the whole house equipment listen to instructions by moving their mouth; they can also control a large number of household appliances through the small intelligent central control screen.

Intelligent lighting, intelligent security, intelligent health and other family scenes are the “land” of small assistant ability. Based on two kinds of intelligent control terminals, small intelligent screen / speaker or small intelligent central control screen, small assistant is like an invisible housekeeper, which can meet the diversified needs of family members. In the intelligent lighting scene, it supports home mode, viewing mode and reading mode, so that the light changes with the use of the scene. In the intelligent security scene, the situation of the home is monitored all the time, and the family safety is protected from many aspects, such as waterproof, fire prevention, anti-theft, care for the elderly and children. In the intelligent health scene, it can monitor the temperature, humidity, light, PM2.5, etc. of the home in real time to create a comfortable environment for users.

The realization of intelligent scene is inseparable from the linkage of intelligent devices. At the press conference, a number of new products appeared. Among them, the small WiFi 6 intelligent router can intelligently allocate the network speed, and children can learn online lessons on the tablet with small intelligence without worrying about jamming; the small intelligent thermometer and hygrometer can intelligently link with other devices to adjust and control the environment mode to keep the indoor temperature and humidity constant; Small intelligent weight scale / body fat scale with voiceprint recognition, record personal data, care about your health. At present, more than 200 million IOT smart home devices can be connected with more than 500 cooperative brands, covering more than 60 categories. We expect more industry partners to join us.

It is reported that the first Xiaodu whole house intelligent flagship store jointly built by Xiaodu and broadlink has opened in Hangzhou. From one day to the four seasons of the year, from one screen in one house to whole house intelligence, Xiaodu takes the lead in proposing a three-layer three-dimensional architecture with small assistant core enabling, multi scene layout and all field equipment penetration, which further clarifies the development direction of whole house intelligence to the industry. Taking Xiaodu as the anchor point, the whole house intelligent front decoration market may usher in an outbreak.



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