Is RTX 3060 sweet? Look at the comparison with RTX 3070


In the near future, NVIDIA has finally released its RTX 30 series desktop high-end sweet spot card RTX 3060. After ces in January, notebook products first launched the mobile version of RTX 3060 series products, while desktop products will not be released until soon. And in the case of the recent mining boom, NVIDIA officially announced that BIOS and driver restrictions will be imposed on the newly manufactured graphics cards, which will reduce the computing power by half when the ETH mining program is detected. But at this stage, the latest RTX 3060 graphics card compared to the RTX 3070 sweet enough? Let’s go on.

First look at the specifications:

Let’s put a comparison chart here first. You can see how much difference there is between RTX 3060 and RTX 3070.

RTX 3060甜吗?来看和RTX 3070的对比

As you can see, there are gaps in almost all the key parts of these two cards, and some of them can reach more than 50%. Will these gaps make the “sweetness” of RTX 3060 drop in the end? Let’s go on.

Actual test:

We first set up a special test platform for testing, in which the CPU uses Intel Core i9-10850k, which is relatively cost-effective and supports overclocking, which can meet the needs of this test.

RTX 3060甜吗?来看和RTX 3070的对比

The memory adopts CVN defender memory introduced by Qicaihong. This memory adopts Hynix cjr-tfc particles, which has high overclocking potential. The default XMP is 3200mhz. In this test, the author chooses to overclock it to 3866 C16 for the next comparative test.

RTX 3060甜吗?来看和RTX 3070的对比

As the heat of CPU after overclocking can not be ignored, in order to keep the stable performance output of CPU, we chose Xingu ice 360 RGB integrated water cooling, which supports the maximum thermal power consumption of 280W. It is no problem to suppress this i9-10850k, and supports RGB color adjustment. There are a variety of colors that can be selected by users.

RTX 3060甜吗?来看和RTX 3070的对比

In order to serve the CPU and graphics card, which are the two major power consumers, we chose Xingu Kunlun kl-1080w as the power supply Kl-1080w supports up to 1080W rated output, achieves the white gold medal certification of 80plus, adopts the full module design, which is convenient for users to manage and route, and adopts the full Japanese capacitor scheme design, which provides 10-year warranty service. For this platform, it can well meet the test requirements.

RTX 3060甜吗?来看和RTX 3070的对比

The graphics cards are RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 Ti, and the introduction of test bench ends here. Next, we go to the actual measurement.

The first is the theoretical performance test. Here we select the latest version of 3D mark for testing. In many scenes of 3D mark, we tested 1080p, 2k and 4K respectively.

RTX 3060甜吗?来看和RTX 3070的对比

In 3D mark, these two graphics cards show a rough difference in paper parameters, and most of the differences have reached the level of 40-50%. And these differences in the actual performance of each game, we can also see a glimpse.

We selected several representative games and tested them in these games. First of all, control, a light pursuit masterpiece “hand picked” by Lao Huang, supports dlss2.0. Compared with dlss1.0, dlss2.0 supports custom native rendering resolution and further optimization. In this test, we turn on the picture quality schemes with different resolutions and different settings.

In the 1080p scene, the two graphics cards have good operation ability. After ray tracing is turned on, the RTX 3060 has been reduced to less than 60 frames due to the shrinkage of RT core.

At 2K resolution, when ray tracing is not turned on, the performance of RTX 3060 is still far behind that of RTX 3070, hovering at about 60 frames. After turning on 2K + ray tracing + DLSS, the situation is more optimistic. Although it is still less than 60 frames, it brings the experience of playing ray tracing in the downstream of 2K resolution. Based on this situation, we think that RTX 3060 can run more than 60 frames in “control” by turning on light tracking + DLSS at 1080p resolution.

RTX 3060甜吗?来看和RTX 3070的对比

Next is another big game that supports light chasing, from Ubisoft’s “watchdog: Legion”. In this game, we open different light chasing options under different resolutions. After other image quality options are set to the highest, we compare the resolution change and light chasing + DLSS change. As we can see, RTX 3060 has no pressure on the highest image quality of traditional rasterization rendering, no matter 1080p or 2K. When the light tracing effect is turned on at high level, the number of frames is mostly reduced, but after turning on DLSS balance mode, the situation is improved. However, when the light tracing effect is turned on at 2K resolution, the number of frames is still less than 60. In contrast to RTX 3070, in 1080p and 2K, different light pursuit settings run higher than 60 frames, and the improvement is obvious after 2K + light pursuit + DLSS. However, it is worth noting that the RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 are almost unable to pull apart a large gap when the light tracing is not turned on at 2K. I really don’t know whether it is caused by Ubisoft optimization problem or graphics card driver problem.

RTX 3060甜吗?来看和RTX 3070的对比

Next is the hit blockbuster “cyberpunk 2077”. When DLSS is not turned on, RTX 3060 can just meet the smooth operation of 1080p super image quality. After that, whether the resolution is increased or light chasing is turned on, it will cause serious picture jamming. After that, the performance is almost doubled, realizing the pass line experience of 1080p resolution light chasing game. On the RTX 3070, this video card is also difficult to face cyberpunk 2077. Without ray tracing, the RTX 3070 can run at more than 60 frames. After ray tracing is turned on, the number of frames collapses obviously. However, after DLSS is turned on, the RTX 3070 can reach the average level of 60 or above in the case of 1080p / 2K + ray tracing + DLSS.

RTX 3060甜吗?来看和RTX 3070的对比

Then we try other games that don’t support light chasing. Here we choose the latest work of the assassin’s Creed series released by Ubisoft, France – “Assassin’s Creed: the hall of souls”. In “Assassin’s Creed: the hall of souls”, we test the traditional grating performance of the game, and we can see RTX In this game, 3060 can achieve 1080p resolution of more than 60 frames, 2K resolution close to 60 frames, but RTX 3070 performs better, reaching more than 60 frames, which also conforms to the paper parameters between the two.

RTX 3060甜吗?来看和RTX 3070的对比

In the representative online game “survival of the Jedi: big escape”, RTX 3060 can achieve more than 60 frames of 4K resolution under ultra-high image quality. For most online game players, choosing RTX 3060 should be a good choice.

RTX 3060甜吗?来看和RTX 3070的对比


RTX 3060 is not very sweet in some ways. It can meet the needs of most games to run smoothly at 1080p resolution without turning on ray tracing. However, when the resolution rises or light tracing is turned on, this video card is very difficult to control. Although in most cases, turning on DLSS can increase a lot of frames, some players don’t like it. RTX 3060 is not suitable for users who like 3A blockbuster and need to turn on high-resolution or turn on light tracing without using DLSS. We have also compared RTX 3060 Ti with RTX 3070 before. To some extent, RTX 3060 Ti may be a sweeter choice. In a reasonable price, it is nearly a thousand yuan less than RTX 3070, but less than RTX 3070 3060 costs nearly a thousand yuan, and its price is in the middle of the two, but its performance is closer to RTX 3070.

If the RTX 3060 has a sweet spot, it’s the 12gb video memory. In the future, with the improvement of the quality of the game, mapping and modeling in a single time in the game will be a big load. In the future, we may see that the RTX 3060 can still play some games with low image quality, but the RTX 3070 can’t play because of insufficient video memory. At this stage, the performance of GTX 980 is close to that of GTX 1060, but the 4G video memory makes it more difficult to use than GTX 1060 6G. This may happen at that time. Let’s wait for time to give the answer.

Author: Chen Zihong



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