Wedding era brand attitude film cures “the most difficult generation to get married in history”

Recently, the Ministry of civil affairs of the people’s Republic of China released 8.131 million pairs of marriage registration data in 2020. Due to the impact of multiple factors such as the epidemic situation and the decrease in the number of people who are suitable for marriage, the number has decreased year on year. In an era when marriage is not a necessary choice, young people who choose to get married value the wedding more and pay more attention to the happiness of marriage.

In addition, a variety of marriage forms, such as marriage at both ends and marriage in the family, have also become the focus of heated discussion among young people. It can be seen that young people show a more inclusive view of marriage, a more free way of marriage and a more diverse view of happiness.

In the face of this generation of marriage crowd concept change, the Internet marriage service platform wedding discipline has a new change from the brand concept level. On March 20, the international happiness day, the brand concept was upgraded to “happiness power”.

婚礼纪品牌态度片刷屏 治愈“史上最难结婚一代”

“Today’s young people are more and more loyal to themselves. They are confident, have an attitude, and are full of the energy to pursue happiness. For marriage, they can judge and choose for themselves. It’s the insight into the changing concept of marriage of today’s generation that we put forward new ideas “Marriage and happiness are naturally related. We can see the happiness of young people through marriage,” said the head of wedding brand

Nowadays, the post-90s and post-95s are called “the most difficult generation to get married”, but at the same time, compared with their parents, they accept more information, have more diverse ideas, face more choices, and have more thoughts about the connotation of happiness. “Nowadays, young people have the right to speak about marriage. They can choose whether to marry or not, what they want to marry, how old they want to marry and how they want to get married. They can follow their nature and get constant and lasting happiness. This is not a retrogression, but a sign that the concept of the times is advancing.” A University sociologist said.

婚礼纪品牌态度片刷屏 治愈“史上最难结婚一代”

婚礼纪品牌态度片刷屏 治愈“史上最难结婚一代”

In addition, from the feedback on social media, the brand proposition of wedding discipline makes young people think more about the profound connotation of happiness. “I know that true love is never easy. But I still believe and look for, at the age of 36, finally met my fate. My persistence at that time may have been a lonely road, but I had the courage to bear all the consequences. ” One user left a message.

In response to young people’s free choice and expression of marriage and happiness, the wedding chronicle has determined the annual theme of “defining your happy moment”. It has also released a brand attitude film with the same name for visual interpretation. From the perspective of several couples, it presents a number of creative wedding scenes. The copywriter skillfully adopts the form of question setting, answer, sublimation and emotional resonance, This is the core point.

婚礼纪品牌态度片刷屏 治愈“史上最难结婚一代”

“I think the important moments of my life are all chosen by myself. There is no happiness, the same appearance, and no kind of happiness. If I want to live in the mouth of others and be able to choose by myself, I will be happy.”. After the release of the brand attitude film, it immediately aroused the discussion of netizens. In the second season of sister riding the wind and waves, Zhang Xinyu, who is very popular, also forwarded the brand attitude film and expressed her views on marriage and happiness.

婚礼纪品牌态度片刷屏 治愈“史上最难结婚一代”

At the same time, wedding chronicle and Netease dada also released a social H5 “99 heartbeat moments”. Many young people recalled the heartbeat moments through this interactive game and expressed their happiness views on social media. “We designed this H5 to make people better aware of their heart and joy, feel the value and belonging of their own existence, and be more firm and brave in the pursuit of happiness.” The H5 content person in charge said.

As a unicorn, wedding has been at the forefront of industry exploration. With the brand upgrade, wedding discipline has launched an in-depth dialogue with users by virtue of the universal value of “happiness power”, which also shows that it has more strategic thinking in understanding users’ needs. This move is also enough to see the pattern of the wedding era. They are changing their role from a successful marriage service platform to a more three-dimensional and rich marriage culture leader.



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