Broad empowerment, wake up + ∞ small new product launch, expand the strategic territory of intelligent assistant

On March 18, Baidu’s AI brand held a “wake up + ∞” spring new product launch. At the meeting, Xiaodu officially released the world’s first active sitting posture correction tablet, Xiaodu intelligent learning tablet, as well as a number of IOT devices such as Xiaodu WiFi 6 intelligent router, and Xiaodu whole house intelligent solutions also made a big debut. With the multi-modal intelligent interaction system of Xiaodu assistant as the core, Xiaodu is building a new intelligent electronic consumer format by enabling a variety of intelligent terminal devices and intelligent solutions for home scenes.

“We hope that conversational AI technology will become the water, electricity and coal in our life,” said Jing Kun, vice president of Baidu group, general manager of Baidu intelligent life group (SLG) and CEO of Xiaodu technology. Xiaodu assistant will penetrate into more product categories and scenes, become the standard configuration of intelligent devices, and invisibly integrate into people’s daily life. From one house with one screen to ten thousand house smart, users only need to call for “small degree and small degree” to enjoy the intelligent life with temperature, interaction, simplicity and better experience.

The small intelligent learning tablet is specially designed for learning, and its eye protection ability has been certified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Artificial intelligence is subverting the traditional education hardware industry, creating more possibilities for functional experience and application scenarios. Small scale intelligent learning tablet is equipped with industry-leading artificial intelligence technology, and has four core advantages: up to 12 fold intelligent eye protection mechanism, general practice synchronous counseling, safe and secure online classes, and AI super ability.

At present, it has become normal for children to take online classes at home. However, when children face electronic devices for a long time, the harmful blue light band produced by electronic screen will inevitably damage their eyesight. In this regard, the small intelligent learning tablet launched as many as 12 intelligent eye protection mechanisms.

In view of the concern that harmful blue light will cause vision damage, the small intelligent learning tablet innovates the traditional tablet hardware configuration, adopts 10.1 inch FHD anti blue light full HD large screen, and uses the exclusive patented technology “Youshi blue”, so as to truly protect children’s vision from the hardware large screen itself.

The eye protection effect of “Youshi blue” has been authorized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences: under the eye protection mode of small intelligent learning tablet, the harmful blue light band is as low as 7%, which is lower than the mainstream brands of intelligent learning machine, tutor machine, student tablet, etc. in the market, the eye protection standard has been updated.

Moreover, the small intelligent learning tablet is the world’s first tablet computer to actively correct sitting posture. When children use the tablet sitting posture is not correct, the small intelligent learning tablet will immediately send out a reminder, standardize the learning posture, and help children develop the good habit of using their eyes scientifically.

As a smart screen specially designed for learning, the small intelligent learning tablet has 1920 * 1200 ultra-high pixels, 8-core chip and 128G large memory, which fully meets children’s hardware requirements for learning devices. We support the simultaneous guidance of general practitioners, and have free general practitioners’ textbooks for primary and secondary schools, so that we can learn at the same time. At the same time, systematic design of learning content is carried out to create the whole process of learning and teaching assistance, which includes preview before class, follow-up by famous teachers, review and improvement, and homework guidance, so as to help children develop good learning habits.

In addition to classroom resources, the small intelligent learning tablet creates an exclusive learning application Mall for children, covering 400 + mainstream learning applications. Small intelligent learning tablet and 51talk have customized online class functions, such as gesture interaction, sitting posture reminder, setting alarm clock course reminder, etc., to optimize children’s online class experience. Parents can also control and manage the duration of the small intelligent learning tablet, check the learning report generated by the system at any time, and escort children’s safe online classes, so as to make them feel more at ease.

Different from the traditional learning machine and tablet, the small intelligent learning tablet has all voice Q & A, fingertip reading and word searching and other AI super abilities. The photo search function allows children to explore the answers independently when they encounter problems in their homework. The industry-leading massive question bank of more than 260 million can fully meet children’s learning needs.

The small intelligent learning tablet is jointly recommended by nine mainstream education brands, such as gaotu classroom and homework help. At present, Xiaodu intelligent learning tablet has been on sale in Xiaodu mall, Jingdong, tmall, pinduoduo, Suning e-buy, Gome and other platforms.

A “can talk” small router, the whole family can easily operate

As a national leading conversational AI operating system, small assistant’s powerful technical ability extends to the IOT field, bringing more intelligent home products for users and making people’s life more convenient.

At the press conference, Jingkun released a small WiFi 6 intelligent router that can “talk”, which can be used by old people and children through voice operation. “Xiaodu, Xiaodu, how about the on-site network?” after a voice inquiry, Xiaodu assistant inquired about the network situation and responded “the network is in a very good state and in a free mood”.

It’s also a router that “protects children’s access to the Internet.”. Create a safe environment for children to access the Internet, and protect their parents from being addicted to the router.

In terms of hardware configuration, the small WiFi 6 intelligent router has outstanding performance. Gigabit dual frequency speed, up to 1800mbps, and support mesh networking, support 128 device connection. The small WiFi 6 intelligent router will be officially pre sold in April with a retail price of only 249 yuan.

With small assistant as the core, the whole house intelligence is shaped, and the ecological cooperation is opened with industrial partners

Hardware networking is only the starting point of the whole house intelligence. The goal of building the whole house intelligence in a small scale is to enable users to enjoy the ubiquitous intelligent assistant service at home with the integrated software and hardware solution. To this end, Xiaodu has built a whole house intelligent solution integrating interaction layer, scene layer and equipment layer, providing a simpler, more active and more warm intelligent family life experience.

In the interaction layer, the voice interaction ability of small assistant is taken as the core to realize intelligent control. At home, users can start their intelligent life through two intelligent control modes: one is to realize multimodal interaction including natural language through intelligent screen / intelligent speaker, so that the whole house equipment can listen to your instructions by moving their mouth; the other is to realize the intelligent experience of the whole house by controlling a large number of household appliances through a small intelligent central control screen.

Based on these two kinds of intelligent control terminals, the small assistant is like an invisible housekeeper, which can meet the needs of family members in multiple home scenes, such as intelligent lighting, intelligent security, intelligent health and so on. For example, when the small intelligent temperature and humidity meter is monitoring the indoor temperature, humidity and other environmental data in real time, according to the data, it can intelligently link the air conditioner, humidifier and other equipment to actively regulate and control, so as to keep the indoor environment constant temperature and humidity. When the small intelligent weight scale / body fat scale is combined with voiceprint recognition, it can record the personal data of different family members, conduct voice query and broadcast, remind you to keep fit and care about your health.

At the device level, we should open up ecological cooperation to a small extent, and join hands with more brand partners in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to enable hardware devices, so as to create a simpler, more active and more warm intelligent family life experience. It is reported that the country’s first small all home smart flagship store has opened in Hangzhou. At the press conference, Jingkun connected with its partner broadlink to unveil the flagship store. Users can experience the convenience and warmth of small scale whole house intelligence on the spot.

After years of development, Xiaodu assistant has been fully upgraded to 6.0, with more than 500 partner brands and more than 47000 developers in the developer community. As of January 2021, the monthly interaction times of small assistant reached 7.5 billion times (excluding the number of small assistants built in Baidu APP), an increase of 838% compared with June 2018, and the use continued to explode. Thanks to the improvement of user experience, leading AI capabilities and self-developed chips, in 2020, the shipment volume of small smart screens will rank first in the global market share, go deep into thousands of households and integrate into various scenes of people’s daily life.

Xiaodu is committed to building a simple and beautiful intelligent life and becoming a ubiquitous intelligent assistant. The press conference showed Xiaodu’s clear layout in more intelligent products and services, reflected the great potential and value of Xiaodu assistant enabling pan intelligent terminals and multi scene applications, and further expanded the strategic territory of intelligent assistant.



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