The official announcement of zhenwo GT Neo was released on March 31, the first batch of vehicles carrying Tianji 1200



Recently, realme real me mobile officially announced that its new product, real me GT Neo, will be officially released in Beijing on March 31. It is also another new product of GT series after realme real me GT. Realme has made it clear that it will adopt the product strategy of “dual platform + Dual flagship” in 2021, and zhenwo GT Neo is the first flagship of Tianji series after the release of this strategy. Its most attractive point is that it uses Tianji 1200 chip, which is also the first mobile phone of this chip.

真我GT Neo官宣3月31日发布,首批搭载天玑1200

Tianji 1200 is a high-end chip launched by MediaTek. The chip adopts 6nm process, and the core adopts 1 + 3 + 4 architecture. That is, one super large core A78 with a dominant frequency of 3.0GHz; three A78 with a dominant frequency of 2.6GHz; and four A55 with a dominant frequency of 2.0GHz. From the performance and positioning point of view, the chip is close to snapdragon 888 and Kirin 9000, and can be stuck in the first chip camp, so the performance of zhenwo GT Neo is worth looking forward to.

真我GT Neo官宣3月31日发布,首批搭载天玑1200

The geekbench running score data of real GT Neo was also exposed on the Internet, with single core running score of 974 and multi-core running score of 3350. From the run point value, its theoretical performance is very close to Xiaolong 870. According to the published data, compared with the previous generation of Tianji 1000 +, Tianji 1200 has a 22% improvement in performance and a 25% improvement in energy efficiency, and supports the ultra save power saving technology, which can save 40% power consumption in theory. So it’s worth looking forward to the performance of GT Neo in terms of power consumption.

In terms of network, Tianji 1200 also supports MediaTek hyperengine 3.0 engine, which mainly solves the problem of network interruption during calls. It means that in the case of dual card and dual standby, real GT Neo will support the experience of using Internet while talking, which is a very necessary technical upgrade for game users.

In terms of configuration, according to digital bloggers, zhenwo GT Neo will have a 6.55 inch screen with 1080p resolution. But different from the straight screen guessed by some netizens, the screen of real GT Neo will adopt flexible curved screen, with the body size of 159.9×73.4×7.8mm, and the body material needs to be confirmed. More answers are expected on March 31.

真我GT Neo官宣3月31日发布,首批搭载天玑1200

Looking back on the development of realme, this new hand brand in China has achieved 42.4 million shipments in 2020, with more than 70 million global users. It ranks among the top five in 14 markets and has become one of the fastest growing brands. Not long ago, Yang Mi was invited to become the spokesperson. Now, we will welcome the real GT Neo. All actions will accelerate the layout of realme in the middle and high-end market and become the next 100 million level player.

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