Integration of global supply chain with Huawei Technology as the core


以华为技术为核心整合全球供应链 荣耀开启高端化进程

Independence — a new opportunity for glory

At the end of 2020, glory completed its independence and separated itself from Huawei system. As an independent company, glory CEO Zhao Ming also admitted that there was a short period of confusion after independence. To break away from Huawei, we need to face the fierce competition in the mobile phone industry.

After independence, Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, said that new glory may be the largest start-up company in China.

However, compared with other start-ups, glory is lucky. Glory inherits a lot of Huawei’s core assets, especially human resources. Although it is separated from Huawei, independence does not mean bad for glory.

Glory, since its birth in 2013, the gene of Internet brand has been deeply imprinted in the essence of glory. From the outside world, glory is a supplement to Huawei. Huawei’s overall positioning is biased towards the high-end market, while glory is responsible for the low-end market. Different positioning almost covers the whole mobile phone market. From the overall point of view, the cooperation between Huawei and glory is reasonable, but there are also differences It has to be said that this also means that glory will gradually go away from the high-end market.

After the glory of independence, he became an independent company. Ren Zhengfei also stressed at the farewell party that once “divorced”, they should not be separated from each other. They should deal with each other rationally and achieve their own goals.

After independence, glory has a new position. With Huawei’s experience, it is not difficult for glory to enter the high-end market. Glory has great potential in the high-end market.

In the previous interview, Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, mentioned more than once that glory will launch its super high-end flagship, glory magic series, this year. It not only has innovative technology, but also has top-level design. Its comprehensive ability can even reach or surpass Huawei mate and P series. If it is before, it is impossible. However, with glory’s independence, everything is possible.

It’s not easy to reach Huawei’s height, let alone surpass Huawei, which also puts forward higher requirements for glory. To this end, glory also put forward a new goal – to establish a global iconic technology brand. To achieve this goal, the glory of R & D and supply chain is a test.

R & D — the core of glorious development

Glory stands on the shoulders of Huawei. When it separated from Huawei, glory gained a lot of Huawei’s technologies, patents and talents, even core technologies and experts. The fields involved include photography, communication, system design, algorithm, AI and other fields. With these foundations, glory can quickly enter the first echelon at the R & D level.

Zhao Ming stressed that “the best way to respect Mr. Ren and Huawei is to honor themselves and develop better. We take Huawei, apple and Samsung as our competitors to surpass them. It’s respect for your opponent to set such a goal, and we have the ability to do it

It is reported that at present, glory has more than 8000 employees, but more than 50% of them are R & D personnel, and the R & D team has more than 4000 people. The R & D centers cover Shenzhen, Beijing and Xi’an. Glory once had two of Huawei’s five R & D centers. With such R & D strength, glory also ranks in the forefront of the whole mobile phone industry.

R & D strength will become the advantage of glory future. Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, said, “if you don’t innovate, others will subvert you. Only when you are ready to be subverted all the time, you won’t be subverted.” With R & D strength, innovation can become possible.

Innovation is the essence of glory. In the past, glory had a lot of innovation, and then gradually promoted in the mobile phone industry, such as dual camera lens, flip lens design, design with glare effect, etc. These are the first use of glory, and then gradually become the mainstream of the industry.

The reason why glory is in the forefront of the industry stems from the product development concept of “two wheel drive”. One wheel keeps understanding the current consumption trend, insight into user feedback, and explores products that can really move consumers. The other wheel is to lead the consumer demand in technology, so as to achieve the combination of technology and demand.

Fang Fei, President of glory product line, said that glory is a skillful craftsman. Glory’s R & D team is good at deeply optimizing the underlying drivers through the combination of software and hardware. With the same new products and the same hardware, glory will make a differentiated experience, thus bringing users different experience. At present, glory is constantly exploring new materials and new forms. In the future, we will also see very innovative content of glory.

In the future, with a scale of 100 billion, we will become one of the world’s top 500

To build a global iconic technology brand, we need to choose top partners for long-term cooperation. After the separation of glory and Huawei, glory is no longer subject to any restrictions, and there is more room for future development. At present, glory has quickly established cooperation with AMD, Intel, micron, Samsung, Qualcomm, Microsoft, MTK and other major partners, and all chip platforms have signed cooperation agreements with glory.

Based on the whole glory product system, glory will embrace the whole industry chain of the United States, Japan, Europe, etc., and share its capabilities and technologies with them. For example, glory will adopt more chips in the future, and develop chips more deeply. Suppliers also need to open up more interfaces and capabilities to match glory’s needs, so as to realize the common progress of both sides.

Zhao Ming said that we should learn from the best companies in the world and integrate their best products and components into the design of glory, but we should also nurture the ability of glory. This value must be exchanged so that we can share, integrate and develop together.

According to Zhao Ming, glory will soon reach a scale of 100 billion and become one of the world’s top 500. But glory will adhere to the striver oriented, consumer centered, focusing on building the core competence of products.

At the same time, Zhao Ming and the management team have set a principle, that is, to attract talents from all over the world to make the glory bigger and stronger. For this reason, they should provide unprecedented opportunities for employees, including opportunity incentive, vision incentive and material incentive. The glory is shared by all staff, while the proportion of senior management is very small, which continues Huawei’s tradition of “wealth scattered and people gathered”.

Looking forward to the glory of magic series

No matter from R & D or supply chain strength, the glory after independence has gradually shown its high-end strength. From the perspective of brand positioning, the world’s iconic technology brands also show the determination of high-end glory. The glory magic series released this year will also start the road of high-end glory.

After the separation of glory, since we want to take the high-end route, we also need a heavy product to show the strength of glory. After inheriting many excellent experts and technologies from Huawei, glory has the same technical strength as Huawei, including advanced technologies such as image, communication, system design, algorithm and AI, which makes the brand-new glory magic series more worth looking forward to.

At the same time, the future glory will also build its own super flagship store and comb the industry benchmark. The flagship store system will have both direct stores and partner operated stores. As for distribution channel partners, glory hopes to work with them to continuously improve efficiency, and serve retail stores and consumers more efficiently by means of technology and process.

“The best way to respect Mr. Ren and Huawei is to honor themselves and develop better.”

The glory after independence will fly higher.

Author: Li Jungong



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