Tang Hongbo, the shareholder of Zhongrui, reduced 665000 shares and cashed out about 1646500

On March 4, Zhongrui Co., Ltd. (002374) recently announced that Tang Hongbo, the shareholder of the company, reduced 665000 shares of the company by means of centralized bidding transaction. The price range of this reduction is 2.442-2.476 yuan / share, and the cash out is about 1646500 yuan.

中锐股份股东汤洪波减持66.5万股 套现约164.65万

According to the announcement, Tang Hongbo held 2663778 shares of the company before the reduction, and held 1998778 shares after the reduction, accounting for 0.1837% of the total share capital.

According to the company’s performance forecast in 2020, the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2020 was a loss of 120-150 million yuan, and a profit of 33.8086 million yuan in the same period of last year.

According to digbei.com, Zhongrui’s business involves two major industries: anti-counterfeiting packaging and landscape ecology. At present, the company is the largest manufacturer of anti-counterfeiting bottle caps in Asia, and its products are popular in the national and world markets. Its main products include composite anti-counterfeiting printed aluminum plate, aluminum anti-counterfeiting bottle caps and combined anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, It is mainly used for packaging wine, Baijiu, health wine, beer, wine, olive oil, high-grade mineral water, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. Landscape ecology – the company is a comprehensive and large-scale landscape construction and ecological restoration enterprise integrating project planning, landscape planning and design, engineering construction, antique buildings, water pollution control, soil restoration, greening and maintenance, production and operation of flowers and seedlings.




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