The glass door of Midea oven explodes! Official: low probability event, non product quality problem

Driving China, March 19, 2021: according to the information times, Ms. Ma, who lives in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, had a glass door self explosion when using Midea’s oven in her home in February this year. Fortunately, no one was in front of her when the oven door exploded, but even so, the children were still crying because of the explosion.


According to the information times, according to consumer Ma, the oven product involved was purchased from taobaomei’s flagship store on February 1 this year. The specific specification and model is t3-l326b. On the afternoon of February 4, she took the oven and roasted it in strict accordance with the instructions for the first time. The result suddenly exploded and the glass splashed during the process.

After the incident, Ms. Ma contacted the customer service of Midea’s official flagship store on February 5, and then the after-sales master of Midea came to the door on the same day to conduct an actual investigation and analysis. After taking photos of the scene, she contacted the manufacturer and told Ms. Ma to pay a maximum compensation of 150 yuan according to the insurance.

As for Ms. Ma, it’s bad enough that her newly bought oven exploded before it was used. The key is that she spent 249 yuan on the oven. Now, Midea has offered a compensation scheme of 150 yuan. How can consumers accept it. It is understood that the ultimate result of the matter is that the relevant person in charge of Midea’s Jiangsu District, after coordinating with Ms. Ma, made compensation according to twice the price of the oven (249 × 2), and the two sides reluctantly reached a settlement.

Although the coordination of the oven explosion accident has come to an end, for Ms. Ma, the incident has brought her huge psychological shadow. The original Chinese New Year’s day also affected her mood because of this incident. Fortunately, she has not been hurt by the self explosion of the glass door. If such an unqualified product is allowed to circulate in the consumer market, I don’t know how much consumption there will be You’ll get hurt.

The experience of Ms. Ma, a consumer, has also attracted the attention of the information times, and the relevant reporter also interviewed the relevant person in charge of Midea oven on the above incident. In response, the relevant person in charge of Midea oven said: “for the whole incident, the company found through special investigation and analysis that the accident was actually caused by the self explosion of tempered glass at high temperature during the preheating process of the oven.” The person in charge explained that glass self explosion is a common problem in the tempered glass industry, but it is a low probability event, not due to the design or manufacturing of the product itself. “

Obviously, consumers don’t think that the explosion of glass doors is a problem of beauty’s product quality. So we have to understand this, such a low probability spread on our own body, in addition to admitting bad luck, how can we comfort ourselves.

It is worth mentioning that we make complaints about the beauty of the black cat complaint platform, and find that the quality of the products has been repeatedly tucking in consumers, such as “poor microwave oven, half a year old bad replacement, customer service nonsense”, “commodity quality problems requiring replacement”, “the quality of the embedded oven products, the same parts are damaged many times”, “always bad, bad three times”, “beauty”. The inferior microwave oven, after sale does not deal with “



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